Louis' Daughter

This is MY story. The story how I became Max Tomlinson, the amazing daughter of Louis Tomlinson ;)
Shall we say, it is somehow interesting?

"Dad!" I exclaimed and stood up running to him.
"Hey there Max!" Louis said hugging me. "I heard you want to spend some alone time with me."
"Yes." I smiled. "What else did you hear?"
"Everything." Louis half smiled. "Shall we?"


17. With Uncle Zayn



"DAAD!" I shouted as I walked around the house, in search of Louis, or any of the guys. "DAADS?!" 

"What's the matter Max?" Zayn asked coming out of his room. 

"Where's everyone Zayn?" I asked. 

"Louis went out with El, Harry and Niall decided to go out, and umm Liam is out with Danny." Zayn replied.

"Oh." I said. 

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"I wanted to go out with anyone." I replied.

"What about your boyfriend?" Zayn asked with a smirk.

"He's at his granny's." I replied. 

"Wanna go out with Uncle Zayn?" Zayn asked.

"Technically, you're nothing of mine… but sure." I laughed.

"You just called me dad." Zayn stated.

"You act like one mate!" I exclaimed.

"Go get dressed." Zayn laughed. 

"Cracker nackers." I said and ran to my room. 


I was excited to go out with only Zayn, due to his bad boy look, hahaha, he's an awesome person and well, we were going to be having a day together. 




"I'm hungry and tired Zayn." I whined as we walked around the city.

"We'll be in the restaurant soon Max." Zayn said. "Stop whining."

"You stop whining." I  said. "I am tired!"

"I'll give you a piggy back ride, come on." Zayn said and I climbed in his back. "If you were my daughter, I would have left you there."

"I don't think so." I smiled. "Thanks by the way."

"No worries love." Zayn said. "You realize that your accent is now sounding a bit more british right?"

"I'm aware of that and I hate it." I replied.

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"Caused I like having a different accent from everyone." I replied.

"Too much for being unique right?" Zayn laughed.

"Shut up and walk faster." I joked. 


Zayn and I finally arrived to the restaurant and it turned out to be an italian one, my favorite. We sat down and had a lovely lunch, being a normal family, even though he wasn't legally my uncle, I could even consider him like one of my fathers. Zayn is way too amazing.




"BEAT YA!" I shouted at Zayn. "AGAIN!"

"Damn Max." Zayn laughed. "You are goofed at video games."

I winked at Zayn. "Hey Zayn."

"Yeah?" Zayn asked.

"Wanna do a video with me?" I asked. "I'm supposed to be updating today."

"Let's do it!" Zayn said and we both ran to my bedroom.


It was the best day ever!

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