Louis' Daughter

This is MY story. The story how I became Max Tomlinson, the amazing daughter of Louis Tomlinson ;)
Shall we say, it is somehow interesting?

"Dad!" I exclaimed and stood up running to him.
"Hey there Max!" Louis said hugging me. "I heard you want to spend some alone time with me."
"Yes." I smiled. "What else did you hear?"
"Everything." Louis half smiled. "Shall we?"


3. Rules




Yesterday after the shopping spree I did with El, I came home and straight to bed. I was beyond tired and the only thing that I wanted was to be inside of my comfy and new bed. 



"Max." Harry said as he knocked at my door. "Max wake up."

"I'm dead!" I shouted covering myself.

"You're not dead cause you are answering back!" Harry said as he entered my room.

"Let me sleep!" I whined.

"Max." Harry said sitting on my bed. "It's almost 1."

"Am?" I asked.

"PM." Harry laughed. "Get ready and meet us down in the living room."

"Blah!" I said sticking my tongue out at Harry.


I got up from my bed and walked to my bathroom and got ready. Once I was done, I made my way to the living room, where all the boys were sitting and talking.


"Morning." I said sitting on a chair and crossing my legs bringing my knees to my chest.

"Max." Louis said. "It's almost 1 PM."

"Still." I said.

"Are you hungry?" Niall asked.

"Nope." I replied. "What's up?"

"How can you not be hungry?" Niall asked ganging laughs from the other boys.

"Louis." I said. "What's up?"

"We are going to establish rules." Louis said.

"You're joking right." I said.

"No." Louis answered. "You see, we live in a mess and we can't do everything we did with you here."

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "I came to ruin your freedom." I winked.

"No!" Liam exclaimed.

"How can you say that?" Harry added.

"I'm joking!" I shouted. "Can we get to the rules?"

"Sure." Niall said. "One."

"Everyone has to have cloth on." Louis said staring at Harry. "At least underwear."

"That means I can walk around in my undies?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"NO!" Louis and Liam shouted.

"Fine." I said with a pout.

"Max." Louis said. "Curfew time if you are not with one of us is Midnight."

"Got it."

"Any boy that wants to get near you, has to deal with all of us." Zayn said.

"Who will try to get near me?" I asked. "Boy repellant here." I added pointing at me.

"And last." Louis said. "You are probably going to hate this but-"

"I have to go to school." I interrupted Louis. "I know."

"So I guess we are settled." Liam said.

"Let's go out." Harry said. "Tomorrow we have to be in set all day long."

"Oh yeah, we are filming the new video." Niall added. "I'm going to Nandos, anyone join me?"

"I can't." Liam said. "Date with Danielle." 

"Aww two love birds." Harry mocked.

"Can't either." Zayn said. "Perry called."

"Hazza?" Niall asked. "You in or are you going to harass some girl?"

"I'm in." Harry said. "Let's give them so dad and daughter time."

"BRING ME CANDY!" I shouted as the guys left.

"Truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Hell yeah!"


Louis and I had a huge game of truth or dare, to get to know each other. I thought he was going to be a bad dad, but apparently h's going to be the best of the best.



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