Harry in the closet

Harry in the closet is based on a book called Indian in the cupboard when a girl put her
Harry styles card board cut out in her closet Well thats we're the magic happens


2. The idea

~ten minutes later~

so i got off the couch from watching gordie shore and walked over to the door and I opens it it was Mary-kait we were so excited to go find out how this thing works but we decided to get our best friend Sarah she lived next door to me so we hung out like all the time and Mary-kait lives across the road and there was two houses for sale and my 18th birth day was coming up In 24 hours i was thinking about byeing one I have dreamed of liveing in on of those house number 809 elm drive my dad lived there as a kid but he sadly pasted away when I was only 10 years old I had a tuff life as a kid I wasn't like all the other kids they had every thing they wanted they just have to ask but if I wanted some thing I had to work for it when I was fifteen all my frends had I phones and this is what my mum said Taylor you have a job you can bye one yourself if you really want it but any way back on point we had to run next door to Sarah's house her family went camping with mine and Mary-kaits family so we were all alone it was my 18th birth day tomorrow so what do u think is going to happen PARTY I was so exited so went back to my house and we were thinking about what we should try to turn to life first till I thought of it my Harry styles card bord cut out and we all looked at each other and we all agreed so that's what we're doing I said and both the girls agreed 

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