Years of calm.
Years of patience.
A second to prove.


2. Day

I wake up again in the night, and decide that I shouldn't try to sleep again. So I remain lying there, staring at the ceiling as if that will give me some clue about my next step. I mean, obviously I can't stay here for the rest of my life. I have to do something. Money isn't an issue, as this is one of those charity-paid hospices, but it doesn't feel right.

I go through my options:

a) I can't go home. 

b) I don't know where my mom's family lives.

c) I'm a county away from my home, and my friends.

Unless... unless Eric is still in Warwickshire. No, i can't stay with him. 

1) He's a guy.

2) I doubt very much that he will invite me to stay with him.

And sometimes through planning my future, I fell asleep. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Janice!!" a voice screams. "No, Janice, NO!!! DON'T-"

Don't what? Don't WHAT?

Lights turn on, showing me what I missed. There's a woman with a blindfold on, trapping her chestnut hair. She wears no make up, making her tear tracks visible, and her hands, tied together at the back of the chair, show nails nervously bitten down. 

"NOO!!!! Leave her alone! Leave her, please..." her sobs prevent her from finishing her sentence. "Please, just let me see her one more time... Please. Please!!"

It's just her and I, alone in this room. But I get that feeling, where you know that someone's watching you. I can just sense it. 

"Janice! Oh my baby, my darling. I'm so sorry. I'm so so so sorry!!"

There's a clicking sound from somewhere in the room, getting louder and louder. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

"Don't you dare touch her!!! AHHHHHHH!!!" That scream made my blood curl, and my heart stop. I stepped closer to her, to comfort her, and found myself unable to. Wait, excuse me WHAT?! I step closer again, hitting a thick, clear wall. I began banging on the tube, ferociously trying to escape. I tried to scream, and I felt it aching to break out but nothing happened. Oh my gosh, I'm trapped. No, I can't be. This is a lucid dream, I control the dream, I can and will escape. This is a dream. It's all just a dream, and I will wake up and probably forget it. That's it, and I'll go on with my life as I should. Yeah. 

"Let her go!!!" 

I'll wake up.

"Leave her alone!!"

I'll wake up.

"She's my daughter!!"

I'll wake up.


Why can't I wake up?

Then, after shaking her head vigorously, the blindfold falls off. Her grey eyes stare at mine, and she starts sobbing again, she voice hoarse. Then it strikes me. I bite my nails. I have chestnut hair. I have one blue eye... and one grey.

Then the gas comes in, and I close my eyes.


I am Janice.


I jump up in bed with a start. my head hitting the bottom of the one above me. 

"Ow. Way to go, clutz." 

I rub my forehead, and think back on the dream, trying to decipher it desperately. Grabbing my bag, I begin to pack up discarded clothes, snacks, toiletries (I am a girl, I have necessities). Then I go to take a shower. I definitely won't be sleeping soundly any time soon, better not even try to. Well, at least I stopped having those dreams about leaving my mom.

After, my much needed shower, I see from my Dora watch (I was 6, and I packed in a hurry... And Dora's cool) that it is 8:42. I then dry my hair as best as I can with a towel, and head to breakfast for the last time.

But I do know this, Janice is weak. And I am not weak.

Author's note:

I know, I updated late. And maybe the dream doesn't really make sense now, but hopefully it will get clearer in the next chapter. I will try to update later this week. Anything that you thought was good? Any improvements?


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