7th of May

Potentia has just moved. She now lives all alone for the first time. She wants to escape the everyday-life, and just be by herself. Caspian is trying to win her heart, but her past is filled with struggles. Will she ever be able to trust again?

We read the diaries of the broken Potentia and the passionate Caspian.


2. New places, new faces - Caspian

8th of May

I woke up early today. As usual, I had a hard time falling asleep, but I guess it’s alright. I chose this life. The chickens are running in the backyard right now, acting crazy. Earlier today, something amazing happened. I was on my way down to the lake, and before I got there, I saw a person. A beautiful person, who had red hair and amazing cheekbones. Tall, beautiful and amazing. I didn’t think anyone else lived here. I thought I was all alone. I hid behind a rosebush, admiring whoever it was. The person found my flowers near the middle of the forest, where the trees meet and make a circle. Whoever that person was, they took my flowers. Not all of them, but only the red ones. I could have chosen to walk up to the person and tell them to stay away, because those are my flowers. But the beauty of that person was undescribable. I have never seen anyone looking so treasures. I remember what the time was, when I saw the person. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, I will go back tomorrow hoping we will meet again.


11th of May

Today was a busy day. The car broke down, and a few of the chickens ran outside the yard, so I had to run after them. I was running out of time, and all I could think of, was the beauty I saw a few days ago. All I could think of was that I needed to hurry and go to the circle where the trees meet and make the pattern of their leaves on the ground, painted by the sun. I ran as fast I could, hoping she would be there. I ran up to the rosebush and hid behind it, just like I did yesterday. There she was; the most beautiful girl in the world. She was the definition of pure perfection. I’ve even gotten more seeds, so more flowers can grow. I just want to see her every day from now on, but this time it was a little bit different. Today she plucked all the orange roses and went home. I followed her a few meters behind her. Even her walk was graceful. I could smell her lovely hair. A wonderful smell of pine trees and some sort of warm tea filled the forest with love. She makes my heart beat faster, even when I think about her. Is it love at first sight, or am I just crazy? I followed her all the way home. She lives about a half kilometer away from me, I think. Her house is massive, and far away from mine. She must be lonely. It’s a big house made entirely of trees. I wonder why she picks so many flowers. I wonder if she knows I live not far away from her. Does she even know I’m here? I guess I’ll go to bed now. It’s getting late and I’m really tired, but I’ll play the guitar before bedtime.


12th of May

I woke up to the sound of the chickens in the backyard. The look so tiny when you look at them from the windows in the attic. I guess I’m a bit strange, but I just enjoy sleeping in the attic for some reason. I feel much more safe up there. It’s incredible to look at the Moon through the windows in the sealing. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to go to the Moon. I have always wanted to see the Earth from space. I enjoy looking at the Moon every night. Just looking at it shining in the darkness of space. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I count the stars until I slowly drift away. I wonder if the girl ever does that. I wonder what she’s doing right now. I’ve been seeing her every day the last three or four days. I’ll bet she has crazy dreams like I do. Will I ever get to talk to her? And if I was, what would I even say? That I have been stalking her the last few days? I’m an idiot, what am I thinking? I won’t get to talk to her. I guess, I’ll have to keep on looking at her from a distance.

18th of May

I woke up today feeling exhausted and tired. I haven’t had one good nap since I moved here. I started the day with a warm cup of tea as always. The chickens were very calm this morning, which is a bit strange, since I’m used to waking up to the sound of them running around and screaming. It was nice to have a calm and quiet morning though. I went outside and sat in the backyard. The weather was lovely and I enjoyed my warm cup of tea in the warm morning sun. What a perfect way to start the day. I laid back and took a deep breathe. The chickens started going crazy again, but this time it was actually a bit nice. It was like background music while I was relaxing. I closed my eyes. My body was all relaxed and calm. My eyes were pointed at the sun while they were closed. It was all red. A beautiful and unique kind of red. I had seen that red color before. It all started waving, as if the weather was a bit windy. I looked like waves on the big ocean, but red like a rose. Then it hit me; the girl who plucked my flowers. I couldn’t help but smile when I realized it was her beautiful hair. I could almost smell the pine trees and tea. The tea smelled like sweet lemon tea. The warmth of her red hair burning as the sun made me feel the warmth inside. I could feel the glowing, but then it stopped. It was like her warm hair suddenly turned cold. Then it faded away like the windy weather took it. The warmth of the sun turned into the cold water from the ocean. I opened my eyes and discovered rain. I then took my cup of tea and went inside.


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