9 Minutes After

The year is 2033. 9 years ago, NASA discovered an asteroid hurtling towards the sun. Its big enough to cause it to explode. NASA is sending people off Earth to keep people safe.


2. No Electricity

Before I knew it, Mom was shaking me awake. I turned towards the clock and saw that it was blank. No numbers, no time, I checked my watch. It was nearly two.
"Wheres the electricity?" I asked. 
"Honey, the powers done. Everythings shut down, to prepare us for whats coming." I sit up straight.
"But thats so unfair! Why dont they at least try to keep us alive as long as possible!?" I kick my sheets off and jump out of bed. Finally, everything I been holding in comes out. I scream. And scream. And scream. I kick the wall and cry out in pain. My toes turn bright red and I grab my foot. I curl into a little ball on the carpet and sob. Mom rubs my back, trying to soothe me like I was a little kid.
I wipe my tears off my cheeks and hug Mom. She rests her head on top of mine and whispers into my hair, "It's gonna be okay." She breaks free of the hug and heads downstairs to find food. Hopefully theres still some in the pantry.
I grab a flashlight off my desk and turn it on. The harsh yellow light illuminates the blue walls, tinting them green. 

"I'm going outside." I mumbled. 

It was bright and sunny outside, for one of the last times, but nobody was outside. 75% of the population was off of Earth, and the rest were preparing for the asteroid. I walked through the deserted streets, crying. I sat on the curb, head in my hands, when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see two gorgeous green eyes. A boy who looked about my age was standing there.


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