Hitman: Enemy Of Truth

With the warm water running down his bald head, someone was knocking on the door. 47 grabbed the robe the room offered, took his gun and hid it behind his back. As he opened the door slightly, a woman was standing outside, he didn't recognize her at first. "47, I don't know if it is too much to ask for, but I need your help." The woman said with a voice he recognized at once.

A Fanfiction based on real people combined with the world of The Hitman games and books.


6. Interlude 1

Tuesday 5th October 2010 7:36, somewhere in Europe


It was quiet on the road 47 was driving along the silent road. The only thing he could hear was the rain dripping outside of the car, hitting the roof hard, and the almost silent engine of the Sedan. With 47 sitting behind the wheel, he was accompanied with his silverballer lying on the passenger seat next to him; silenced. 47 felt alone. Even though he was not supposed to, because it was a life he was meant to have, the lack of people around him was unbearable at times. It was a car which Diana had made sure was ready for him, so it should have a tracker somewhere. Usually they put them into the radio, but not this time.


47 put a foot on the brake and pulled to the side for a while. He felt tired after having driven for 10 hours straight, only with few breaks. He sat there, with his hands in his lap, relaxing his eyes and mind. The rain became heavier. Heavy drops of water splashed onto the window. It was hot inside the Sedan. He took his silverballer in the hand and took the clip out. He checked the chamber and it was full.


In the rear mirror he saw headlights coming from behind. 47 hid the gun under his jacket, with his eyes still focused on the car behind him. It stopped behind his, and a young woman came out. She was wearing a business suit and she had an umbrella above her head.


She knocked on the window. And 47 opened it a little bit, so that he could hear what she was saying.


“Have you run out of gasoline?” she asked.


“No, I just felt like a little break.”


“Oh, okay…” She said.


As the woman had turned around, a shot was fired, and the woman fell to the ground, leaving her blood on the window. 47 hurried to turn the key and stepped on the speeder. He went straight ahead, keeping an eye on the rear mirror.


For the moment he had his eyes in the opposite direction of ahead, a car appeared in front of him. As soon as he realized, it was too late.

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