Life without you☮

What would life be like if, Harry stayed with his band White Eskimo? Liam never returned to the X-Factor 2 years later? Katy Perry said no to Niall? What if Louis didn't make his school play? What if Zayn gave up at bootcamp? This is a story about the boys life without 'One Direction'

(Each chapter is based on a different members P.O.V)


3. Chapter 3

Liam's P.O.V

As I sat in my seat, nervously tapping my old trainers off the hard wooden floor in a quick rhythm. Anxious for the class to never be over. I was dreading lunch. Like most schools you have the stereotypical 'populars' and then the 'loners' Just my luck, I happen to be that extremely shy and quiet kid who sits at the back of each class, minding their own business and not speaking a word to anyone. Lunch was the time of day that all the 'populars' as you may refer to them as, all gang up on the 'unpopular loner kids', and of course me being one of them. School is a blur, a stressful surreal blur.

When the bell rang, I sprinted to the door, but not quick enough. Jamie Edwards, the person who has made my life a living hell,had noticed my attempt to make it out of the class as soon as possible. He grabbed the hem of t-shirt and pulled me back. "Not so fast Payne" He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. He waited until the teacher had left the classroom, and the hallways we're clear.He then pushed me up against the locker, which caused me to groan in pain. Other students we're pointing and snickering. Jamie kneed me in the stomach, and I fell to the ground. The laughter of students was  getting louder and louder by the minute as I sat in shame. People we're whispering awful things such as "It's a shame he didn't die at birth" "I heard he asked Emily out 22 times! And she rejected him every single time, what a loser" or "Is that the kid that got rejected on X-factor? Ha pathetic" Tears we're brimming in my eyes as they continued whispering.

Just then I felt a pair of warm hands on my shoulder. I looked behind me to see an unfamiliar girl. She had soft brown hazel eyes, with a sparkle of green around the pupil. Her hair was died a cherry red colour, and was thrown up into a cute messy bun. She wore a pair of black leggings with a rolling stones top and a red hoodie over it,she also wore a pair of vans. She smiled at me showing off a dimple on her right cheek. In her ears she wore silver skull studs. She was quite petite, and had a small frame. She grabbed my hand and helped me up from the cold hard ground. "How can you be all be so low, to even think about doing this to someone it sickens me! You're all pathetic!" she screamed. "Chill baby, why do you care so much about this boy anyways?" Jamie cooed into her ear as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to his chest. She looked at him with complete and utter disgust, she squirmed out of his grip and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a giant red mark on his left cheek. "And to think I thought you we're half decent"she hissed walking away dragging me by my arm with her.

"I'm so sorry you had to put up with that" she said looking at me with those big brown eyes. "Oh it's fine, I'm used to it. Normally it's worse" I whispered, looking at the ground slightly embarrassed. I looked back up at her and saw the hurt in her eyes."H-how long has this been going on for?" she stuttered. "Ehm since I was 5" I replied truthfully. "Why haven't you told anybody?" she asked. "Well you see I have tried to, but they don't listen.See Jamie's father is the principal here, he refuses to believe that his son would do such a thing" I answered. "What about your parents?" "They believe me, but they say they can't afford to put me in a new school" After I said that she quickly embraced me into a hug. Our bodies fitted together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.She then pulled away a few seconds later, snapping me back to reality. "How come I've never seen you before?" I asked. "I'm new, I moved here from here from Doncaster a couple of days ago" she said. "I'm Liam" I told her. "Sophie" she replied smiling, while looking at the floor. "Thank you" I said kissing her cheek. She blushed, it amazed me that I had that effect on her. And with that the bell rang for class, I hugged her and thanked her once more and left for class. There was something different about her, different but good.

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