Life without you☮

What would life be like if, Harry stayed with his band White Eskimo? Liam never returned to the X-Factor 2 years later? Katy Perry said no to Niall? What if Louis didn't make his school play? What if Zayn gave up at bootcamp? This is a story about the boys life without 'One Direction'

(Each chapter is based on a different members P.O.V)


1. Chapter 1

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to the dim sunlight peeking through my cream coloured curtains, my eyes squinted from the brightness. I looked over at my alarm clock '7;45' not bad. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and headed towards the bathroom where I then brushed my teeth and threw on a white v-neck, and some jeans. I ran down the stairs to my mother Anne and sister Gemma. 

"Harry you're up quite early, aren't you?" Mum chuckled.

"Couldn't sleep and I've also got a biology test today, wouldn't want to be late" I winked 

"Since when does Harry Styles care about his grades" Gemma snickered

"Since when do you care about my personal life?" I said coldly.She thinks she knows everything sometimes.

"Alright enough you two, Harry breakfast is on the table"  Mum announced.

After breakfast, i said goodbye to my Mum and headed to school. I was walking in the rain for about 10 minutes, until I saw it, the car that drives past me every morning. It wasn't just any normal car, it was the car that Andrea Samuels drives to school. Andrea has been my crush ever since i was 6 years old. By the time I was finished my day dream, it was pouring rain and school was another 10 minutes away. "Shit!" I whispered to my self. Then I noticed her black Audi slowing down, nearing closer and closer to me. 'This is just another day dream' I tried to convince myself, until i noticed her wind down her car window.

Andrea's P.O.V

"Need a ride curly?" I asked the familiar looking curly haired boy which I had seen around school couple of times but I had never caught his name. He looked at me with his deep emerald green eyes, I was instantly lost in his eyes. He smiled showing off his adorable dimples, and made his way to the passenger seat. I started the car and made my way to the school.

Harry's P.O.V 

I couldn't believe what just happened, I have dreamed about this day basically all my life! Her long dirty blonde hair was curled and stopped in middle of her back, she wore  high waist denim shorts which had gold and silver studs on the pockets, she wore black tights underneath, a turtle neck red crop top and a gold necklace. Her skin was flawless, she had tiny freckles by her cute button nose and her rosy cheeks. Her eyes were a golden/honey colour, she was beautiful. "So what's your name curly?" she asked me in her sweet but calm voice. "Harry Styles" I smiled. "I'm Andrea" She grinned showing off her perfect white teeth. We talked a little more until we reached the school gates. "Thank you" I said, she smiled once more. "There's no need, you probably would've got drenched, if the weathers like that tomorrow just give me a call, here's my number' she winked, I blushed like crazy, luckily she didn't notice.She put her number in my phone and just as I was about to walk away when she then asked "See you around?" My heart skipped a beat, keep cool Harry, keep cool. I nodded once more and then we went our seperate ways. What an eventful way to start the morning.


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