Thanks to Nandos

I'm not saying anything about this fan fiction because it's going to ruin everything!


2. Not a regular day

Again, I heard my alarm clock and did my daily routine. This time, I wasn't late. Thank god! When I was half way through my day, I had to order a band. I think that was the band I saw on tv last night. I brought them to there table and started taking there order."Hi, my name is Evie and I will be taking your guys orders tonight. I said."Thanks! Don't you know who we are? I'm surprised your not fangirling!". The man with the curly hair said."Well all I know about you guys are that your band name is One Direction". I said."Can we order now! I'm starving!". Said the blonde. I took there orders and gave them there food. When they were done, I gave them there cheque.''We forgot to introduce ourselves!". Said the curly one."I'm Niall, the blonde, that's Harry, the curly haired one, Zayn, the who loves his reflection in a mirror, Louis, the man who loves to eat carrots and that's Liam, the man who's scared of spoons"."Would you like to come to your flat so you can know us better now?". Zayn asked."Umm sure! I'm done my shift anyway". But I don't have a car to drive to there flat!''Do you need a lift?. Niall asked me. I nodded my head. When me and Niall got into his car, everything felt all awkward. It was only me and him. I looked at him while he was driving realizing how much cuter he his in person. He looks at me. We both star into each others eyes. I look in the corner of my eye and I see a car coming straight towards us."NIALL! WATCH OUT!". I screamed. Everything went blank. 



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