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Ok, I'll be honest, my favourite part in books, are the epic fight scenes. Where the wills of two mages are pitted against each other, the accuracy of cowboys, the strength of two men in a pub brawl. All those things get my heart racing, and my imagination whirring, as I picture it in my head.
Anyway, in this movella, you can post a comment asking for a specifif kind of fight, post: how many fighters (no more then five if third person, no more then 10 if first person), what weapons they are using, and where it is. Don't worry about descriptions, unless a certain trait you want will hinder or benefit them in the fight. So ask away!


3. Billie The Dragon-Owl

I am so sorry this took so long Billie :)



I stood staring at the man in front of me. He was wearing a light brown tunic and black pants with leather boots. He held a sword in his right hand a shield was strapped to his left. I wore pretty much the same thing except my tunic was slightly darker, and was sleeveless.

I readied my sword and he swung his wildly as he charged, screaming a hearty battle cry. I let him gain enough momentum before I calmly stepped towards his shield side. His sword whistling through the air harmlessly.

He looked at me in anger, he stood up on a slab of stone that had fallen off this once mighty castle, now ruins from the dragon attack four years ago.

I walked toward him this time and held up my sword, being on higher ground, he had the advantage. I wasn't worried, I have fought men on horseback, and won and they were up much higher.

'Are you ready now?' I asked him, he didn't say anything, nodding in response to my answer.

'Then begin.' I said, as I swung my sword to his right. He deflected it and gave up on his advantage, jumping up to bring a downward strike. I blocked it with my shield and spun around, performing a sidecut to his waist. He jumped back out of the road and thrusted toward my gut. I knock it away with my own sword and pushed him away with my shield. He stumbled but regained his footing.

I leapt forward swinging my sword horizontally. He jumped back again, avoiding the sting of my sword. I drove him back further and further. When suddenly he swung his sword up in an upward slash which I barely dodged.

We stood facing each other, his sword was starting to drop toward the ground. I attempted to use the opportunity to diagonally cut downward, but he brought his sword up in an instant. The clash of metal on metal rang through the courtyard. We stood with our swords locked together, his breathing was becoming heavier and sweat lined his brow. I was puffing as well, but I was hardly out of energy yet. I yelled and drove him backwards, through a door and into a hall. Our swords crashed together as we fought back and forth, both of us trying to gain the upper hand. We began climbing up the stairs to the side of the room, ending up on a balcony.

He went for a horizontal slash, but I jumped up onto the railing. He tried a slice across my feet but I did I side flipped off the railing and back onto the balcony again dodging his attempts to hit me.

I swung my sword in a downward slash, but he parried and lunged toward my gut. I stepped out of the way and he lurched in front of me. His chest exposed, I sliced across his chest, cutting into the skin, but not enough to do any real harm.

He ripped of his tunic revealing his muscled chest and abs. We continued fighting across the balcony, steel against steel.

At one point I managed to kick his shield off, in return he pulled mine off and accidently dropped it out a window, we continued fighting, cutting and slashing all around the castle.

We found ourselves in a long corridor, the carpet was destroyed in parts and the tapestries were ripped and covered in dust. I jumped towards the wall, pushing off with my feet, side flipping over his crouched body, my sword swung down to attack his head, but he blocked it with his own. A sword was leaning against a wall, and was about the same size as the one I currently held, so I picked it up and continued to fight him, my swords flashing in a flurry of steel, his own sword barely keeping up with them. He spun around and cut open my arm. Blood pored from the wound, but I fought on, swinging the blades in deadly precision.

A rumble shook the castle and knocked both of us too the ground. We paused in our fight and looked around, another rumble shook the castle. We both ran out of the hallway and into the throne room. We looked around, waiting for the next tremor. It didn't come.

Suddenly something smashed through the left wall, knocking both of us to the ground.

A huge dragon stood in the hole, it roared and the castle shook again, it looked down at me and my opponent. It stared intently then lunged at us, its mouth open. I managed to roll out of the way in time, and saw that the other man had as well.

We nodded at each other, in agreement to fighting the dragon together.

I swung both of my swords towards the dragons exposed neck, the sword bouncing harmlessly off its rock hard scales.

The other man thrusted into the face, the dragon pulled away on contact and roared, swinging his tail and sending both of us flying into a wall. The dragon advanced on us, growling in anger. I brandished both of my swords. The dragon slashed at me with it's claws, I dodged and brought one of my hands in an upward slash. The dragon rolled out of the way and into the sword of my opponent, it shrieked in agony and lashed out with its tail and claws, the gash I had left in the man's chest was deepened as the dragon's black claws sliced through his bare skin.

The dragon roared in rage, blood running out of it's wounds. Then it leapt into the sky, flying through the hole in the wall and out into the big blue.

The man was mortally wounded, he gasped for air as blood surged into his lungs. He choked, then died.

I stood and walked out of the ruined palace and back to my own kingdom, ignoring my own wounds.

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