Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction

Amy Jones is a nineteen year old girl who lives in London.
And Jade Thirlwall is the singer in Little Mix.
Jade is involved in a car crash with Little Mix, which sadly took her life.
Amy wants a different life, not the one where she has an abusive Father and lives in a crummy old flat.
So Amy makes a wish, at 11:11 to be someone else. Someone who has a better life.
And well, her wish comes true.
\ "Waking up as the Wrong Person | Little Mix/One Direction" Copyright (C) honeyperrie 2013-2014 / Rated Yellow-mature content \


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine


"I feel horrible," Leigh-Anne mumbled, sleepily walking into the kitchen. Leigh-Anne and Jesy got drunk last night, so Perrie and I took them back to our apartment to sleep. "Where's Perrie? Ha ha."

"Ha, funny joke," I said, referring to the 'where's Perrie' joke. "She went out with Zayn." I told her, handing her a plate of pancakes and bacon and a glass of orange juice.

"This early in the morning? What time is it, like, 8?" I giggled at Leigh-Anne.

"Actually, it's 11:00 am. You've been sleeping all morning," I told her, and she laughed as Jesy walked in.

"Jade, who was that boy you were with last night?" Jesy asked, sitting beside Leigh-Anne at the island.

"You were with a boy?!" Leigh-Anne squealed, almost knocking Jesy's plate of food out of my hand. I handed Jesy her plate, grabbing myself one and sat down opposite the girls.

"I met this guy, Bradley. He's a singer too, but not famous yet. We just started talking, and he's really nice guy. I'm gonna check out his covers on YouTube, and maybe speak to Syco about checking him out for a record deal," I told them.

"Show us his covers!" Jesy yelled, and I went to get my laptop. I came back and went on YouTube, typing in Bradley's name and sure enough, his channel was the first thing that came up.

"He's cute," Leigh-Anne smiled, and Jesy nudged her. I clicked on his profile and we scrolled through his covers.

"He covered Wings! Let's check that one out," Jesy said, and I clicked on his Wings cover.

'Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly,'

He was amazing! His voice was like a mix between Liam Payne's, Austin Mahone's, and Luke Hemmings'. And he was amazing at guitar!

"If Syco don't sign him I'll cry." Leigh-Anne said, as the song finished. Jesy gave a nod of approval, and I smiled at myself. I had to admit, Bradley was pretty cute. But I don't think he was interested in me... that way. Oh, shut up Jade.

It's amazing really. I've become so used to who I am now - calling myself Jade, knowing that I'm in a very successful girl band. I'm no longer chubby, loner, abused Amy Jones - I'm beautiful, slim, talented Jade Thirlwall. And I honestly couldn't be happier. The thought dawns on me every day that I wanted to tell someone. When it all gets too much, when I see some hate online, I just want to tell someone and have it all be over. But now, I could never swap this for the world. It still makes me sad that the real Jade Thirlwall hasn't been able to experience the amazing things I have career related, but I'm sure her ghost has been here every step of the way. I know she wouldn't miss it for the world.

I thought it was gonna be hard to be Jade. There's so many things on a personal level I never knew about her, and now I know. When someone tells me something that I, as Amy, wouldn't know, somehow as Jade they can magically come to mind within seconds. This whole thing is truly magical. I'm still so confused on how it happened. I know that Jade and I were killed seconds apart from each other it similar accidents, but doesn't that sort of thing happen all the time? It's not all the time that someone is brought back to life by the spirit of the other. I really want to get to the bottom of how this happened - yet I don't want to risk ruining it. Why don't I ask Ghost Jade?

Later that afternoon, when Leigh-Anne and Jesy went home and Perrie was still out with Zayn, I decided I'd try to talk to Ghost Jade.

"Jade? Jade, where are you? I need to talk to you!" I yelled, pacing my bedroom, I turned around, and sitting casually on my bed was Jade, in her ghost form.

"What's the matter?" She asked, a hint of concern on her face. I'd always wondered if she ever felt weird staring right at me, because... Well I'm her, so I look exactly like her. Wouldn't that be creepy? Or weird in some way?

"I don't see you as me, I see you as yourself. Amy Jones." Ghost Jade said. I stared at her baffled for a second.

"How... What? I was saying that in my head?" I stuttered, confused.

"I can read your mind." Jade giggled. I rolled my eyes and sat beside her.

"Wait, how come you see me as my real self?" I asked, again confused. This whole situation was confusing.

"Because I'm a ghost, and they're can't be two of me." I nodded and sat next to her on my bed, biting my nails. She quickly slapped my hand away, and I looked at her a little shocked. "I need to keep my appearance up. Well, I mean you do. No nail biting. What's bothering you?"

"I just wanted to ask... How did this all happen? Like, me becoming you? It's always been really weird to think of. We were killed in a similar accident seconds apart, but how did I come back to life in your body? Is there anyone in my body, going through the same hell that I did? Don't people die at the same time all the time? I really want to know." I was stood up again, pacing my room (again) and speaking with my hands. Ghost Jade grabbed my arm and stood up pulling me closer towards her. She kept hold of my hands as she began speaking.

"Sometime people are worth too much to be gone forever. So the accident gets erased and someone else lives their life for them. And their spirit is always around to offer advice. And as for someone living your life? There can't be. Because you got put into my body, because of your worth. It could have been the other way around, but I guess that the world needs all four members of Little Mix." Ghost Jade explained. Worth too much? I was worth too much?

"Wait - so you mean, I'm worth something. And that's why I was put into your body?" Ghost Jade nodded. I took a deep breath and sat down. "What am I worth then?"

"I don't know. I can't tell you. You need to figure it out for yourself."

"What do I do to figure it out?"

"I can't tell you that either. This is your life now - do with it what you wish. Just don't go leaving my band, okay?" I giggled at Ghost Jade's comment, and then there was a moments silence. 

"Do you ever wish you weren't living my life?" Ghost Jade asked quietly. I looked up and thought about the question. The truthful answer was yes. Before, I never realized how hard famous people had it. Sure, they get to live their dream and make tons of money and get to travel the world, but at the same time a lot of work goes into that, and it can be extremely tiring. When you want a break, you can't really. You're always working. And the hate - you can look through your Twitter mentions and see one hundred comments, and whilst ninety nine and sweet and complimenting, the other one will always catch your eye and stay with you because the nastiness in it hurt you so much.

"Honestly? Yes. Many times. But at the same time I know I wouldn't want to change it for the world. You have an amazing life and I'm grateful I get to live it. But it's tough sometimes." I told her. It was all the truth and I meant every word of it.

"I'm glad someone like you is living my life, and not some stuck up posh brat or anything. Imagine that!" I giggled at the though, and then Ghost Jade got serious. "But please remember - if you tell anyone, a single person, everything will go wrong. You'll go back to being Amy and I'll be completely dead. I know you get the urge to sometimes, you just want to yell it out. But please always remember that you can't do that. No matter what."

"I never will. I promise."


A/N: Hey guys! My updating has been terrible, I'm so sorry. I'm gonna start updating a lot more! Anyway, I think this chapter is kinda short, but I like the ending with Ghost Jade. They have a real serious chat. I hope none of this is too confusing for you guys (even I'm finding some things confusing). 

Thank you for reading, and if you're an original reader who has stuck by throughout my once ever 6 months updating then I love you so much! Please like, comment, add to your reading list, and fan if you haven't already! :) x

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