Runaway Girl (A One Direction Fanfic)

My name is Lilly. I just ran away from my abusive Dad. I have no where to go. My mum died giving birth and I don't have any other family. So basically, I'm homeless.


5. Clothes with Eleanor...


Louis had rang up his Girlfriend, Eleanor- and she had agreed to taking me shopping. I had to admit, if there was one thing I hated, it had to be shopping. But, seen as what I was wearing was the only thing I had- I kind of had to. 



I watched the girls go and then sat back down. Liam looked at me then said "You saved her life, you know." I smiled .

"Yeah, I guess." I replied. 

"What's wrong?"

"Er..." I paused. I couldn't lie to Liam. Never! "I think... I think I like Lilly." 

"I knew it!" Louis came bounding in. "I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!" 

"Dude, were you eavesdropping?" I asked Louis.

"Maybe," He replied, a huge grin on his face. "When you gonna tell her?" He asked 

"Tell who what?" Harry said, as he and Zayn walked in. 

Louis shouted. "Niall's in love with Lilly!" They all had big smiles on their faces.

"Tell her when she comes back." Said Zayn. I nodded my head slowly, in agreement. Then I headed off with the boys to the studio.



"Try this one on!" Said Eleanor, throwing a top at me. It was a vest that said 'YOLO'. I tried it on and I actually liked it. Along with 4 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of bottoms and 7 tops, we trudged our way out of the mall. "So, what do you think of the boys?" She asked me.

"They're really kind. They saved my life." Eleanor smiled.

"Louis was talking to me earlier, he thinks Niall likes you." 

"Me? Really? Nah, I'm not his type."

"Yes! You are totally his type!"

"I'm a nobody, though. He only knows me because he saved me."

"You, Lilly May- are not a nobody. Louis told me what you went through and I can't believe you are still alive! You're a strong, independent gal and Niall likes you!" I smiled. "But, guys are always the ones to make a move- so you're gonna have to wait." 

"What if he doesn't make a move?" I asked her.

"When the time is ready, he will. Which, could be any moment now." We both laughed as we hopped in a cab back to the big house. Eleanor opened the door to see Niall standing there. She looked at me and let me in. "Hey Lil," He said. "Can I ask you something?" He smiled. 




I was getting closer and closer. Going through records, and finding things that might help me find her. I needed to get to her. 

And when I got to her, I would kill her. I couldn't risk her getting away from me again. I would torture her, then make her death slow and painful. 






SOOOOOOOOOOOO, what do ya think? Thanks for all the reads and likes! Can anyone comment to say what they thinks gonna happen next. Also, I'm not gonna make it so that her Dad finds her, he gets locked up, and they all live happily ever after. Because that's not exactly how life goes... 


Anyways, comments, likes whatever- anything will be appreciated. Love you all and please follow me :)


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