Triplet Love

It's about triplets run into The Styles Triplets(Harry:Cupcake, Edward: Dark One, Marcel: Nerdy) at the airport coming from America! Which is just like the Rose triplets.


2. Meeting...

Lily P.O.V.

*She's Australian*

"C'mon girls, the flight leaves in 3 hours and it's a 1 hour ride c'mon and we have to buy some snacks and stuff so hurry!" I yelled from down the stairs.

"We're coming GOSH" Emma and Crystal yelled back dragging there suitcases. Each of us had 3 suitcases each. Yes, we had so many cloths and we are still going to shopping when we arrive at California.

"Crystal your driving!" I yelled at them as they were infront of me. I love yelling.

"OK and we are right here ya know" Crystal said. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed the keys and threw it at her. She caught it and I took my suitcases out to the car and threw them in the car. My sisters did the same and we got in the limo. Did I tell you we had millions of dollars. We won the lottery last years and we have jobs, too. We drove to the store bought some chips and sodas'. We love food. Now we are driving to the airport. We arrived at the airport and it was crowded because a lot of people in Australia are going on their summer vacation. We were going to California. Our friends came with us. To keep us company we are going to visit not move. Our friends that came were: Sophia, Isabella, and Natalie. We all made sure we had our credit cards so we can rent a home with the furniture and stuff.

"Plane 125 to California is boarding now." The intercom lady said. We gave the ticket person our tickets and we sat down at our seats.

 "We will be taking off in 15 minutes so buckle your seat belts." The pilot said through the intercom. We buckled our seat belts and the waitress lady on the plane and came to check if everyone did and she went to put hers on. The plane took off. 

Emma P.O.V.

"The plane will be landing in New York in 20 minutes" The pilot once again said on the intercom.We were landing in New York. Then, we will take a flight to California. We walked off the plane and sat in a seat until they call out flight so we can leave. In less than an hour the lady said our plane was leaving. Me and my sisters bumped into boy triplets. They were on the same plane as us. It was awkward because they had they seat beside us. They were staring at us but we ignored them and talked about California and stuff. Then one of the boys tapped me on the shoulder and I looked back at them.

"What's your name" he asked me.

"why" I said with an attitude.

"why can't I know your name"

"it's none of your business..." I said.

"but my name is Emma. What's yours"

"I'm Harry, this is Edward, and that's Marcel" he said pointing to the boys next to him. He was looking at me waiting to introduce him I my sisters so I did.

"that's Lily and that's crystal... Ok bye now" I said. He was annoying I didn't like him at all he was obviously flirting! Ugh

Hi this is my second update and sorry I haven't been updating on this one 3 favorite or more and ill make a double update!

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