Morgan was the most miserable teenager you might ever meet! Her mom was killed by her father who abused and sometimes rape her. And that's just at home! At school would get picked on by the jocks,cheerleaders and worst of all: Louis! He has made fun of her all the time! But what happens when louis comes over to Morgan's house? Does she tell louis everything? Or will louis make her life more miserable then it is?


3. Running away

I was doing my homework when I heard heavy footsteps. I frose and my dad opened the door he walk next to me and said: "tonight we are going to have a little fun." He said kissing my neck. I shook my head and he walked out. I knew what I have to do but it never works. I grabed a bag and stuffed my belongings in it. I jumped out the window trying to to make any sounds. I jumped down to the ground with out a sound. "MORGAN?!" I heard my dad yell. I quickly ran not looking back. I keeped running for about 10 minutes when I looked back and saw no one was there…or at lease that's what I thought. I lied down on the gorund when someone drugged me. That's all I rember. When I woke up I was in my room naked with pain in every part of me. I looked at my clock and it was 1.31 a.m. I tryed to get my ooh one but that made the pain worse. I got it anyway and it was Thursday I have been sleeping for three days! I went to Instagram. I stayed on untill I got seelpy again. I fell a sleep. I woke up with slaps on my cheaks. My dad left so I could change. When I got down stairs my dad was eating. "I'm going out tonight so u have a baby sitter." My dad said "WHAT? I CAN'T HAVE A BABYSITER WHEN IM SEVENTEEN!" I said in my head. 

*the end of the day*

louis's P.O.V

i just wanna say the only reason I'm DOUND this is becuase I get paid £15 and hour! When I walked up to the front door, a man smiled at me and said: "Hello! I'm Danny and my kid is in her room. I'm going to be out untill 1." And just like that we walked of. I hung up my jacket and went up stairs. I opend the door and I couldn't belive what I saw.

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