My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


4. Plans For The Summer

When I got to the office I was surprised to see my mom there.

Elise: Rose? What are you doing here?

The principal sat at his desk.
Principal: Mrs.Lovelace-
Elise: MS.Farell.
Principal: Excuse me Ms.Farell. Your daughter Rose here thought that it was fun to trip someone on there face.
My mother looked at me upset.
Elise: Rose!
Rose: Mom! It was self defense!
Elise: And how was that SELF DEFNSE?
Rose: Well.. The girl poured coffee in my beanie and I didn't like it...
Elise: Lillian Rose Lovelace!-
Rose: How dare you say my whole name like that!
Principal: Excuse me but, all the late days that you've had and all the disapproved behavior I'm gonna have to ask you to leave for the rest of the year.
Rose: What no! Then I'd have to repeat the 12th grade!
Principal: I think that's best.
Elise: Rose go and get your things while I talk with the principal.
I got up and left the room. I COULDN'T believe this was happening! It was COMPLETELY self defense! I went to my locker to get my things.
Grace: Rose! What happened?
Grace came over and leaned against the locker.
Rose: Well I've been expelled for the rest of the year and I'll possibly have to repeat the 12th grade.
Grace: That's terrible... I just don't get why Natalie always has to do these things...
Rose: Speaking of Natalie.. How does her face look?
Grace: Fuuucked up. I'm VERY proud of you!

Grace and I began to laugh. Like dying laughing.
Rose: I have to go now.
Grace: Oh okay. Do you work today?
Rose: Yes.
Grace: Oh. Well me and Joey will be there!
I gave her a hug.
Rose: Okay see ya!
After I got my stuff I went outside and sat in my mom's car. My mom had a simple Buick Encore. It was a nice car but it had things scattered EVERYWHERE. About 5 minutes later my mom came and sat in the car and started to drive.
Rose: Mom I'm sorry-
Elise: Lillian, Rose who ever you are. Please don't just don't bring it up.
Rose: Okay.. Well... Um why did you come to the school in the first place?
Elise: I had to talk with the nurse.
Rose: About what?
Elise: Come on Rose! It's none of your business!
Rose: Your my mom. I'm supposed to know these things.
Elise: I'm not telling you until I'm sure Rose.
Rose: Omg.. You're pregnant!
Elise: I'm NOT pregnant!!
Rose: Oh.. Sorry..
About twenty minutes later we got to the house. I went straight upstairs to figure out this Summer Writing project. I mean.. Even though I got kicked out of the school I could still do it. So I called Chelsie in to help me.

In about no time she came in. She went and layed in my bed.
Chelsie: What do you want?
Rose: Wow. You must really not feel good. You didn't say something about your nickname.
Chelsie: I told you I didn't. Now what do you want?
Rose: I wanted you to help me with this Summer Writing project-
Chelsie: But mom said you got kicked out of school...
Rose: Shut up and read the paper.
Chelsie: *Clears Throat* You've been assigned to a Summer Writing Project. Obviously.. You are required to note down all of your Summer activities. It doesn't matter how\what you write it on and\or in. Enjoy your summer!! Wait.. Rose. How are you gonna enjoy your some knowing that you have to repeat the 12th grade?
Rose: OUT!!

Chelsie then ran out of the room. I had the best idea ever. I could start a blog! It's very easy. All I have to do is go online and simply create a blog site. I went over and sat at my computer desk. I opened up a word document and began.
                        (Blog Post #1
Hi all!! My name is Rose- Well Lillian but I always went by my middle name Rose because that was really what I preferred. I'm 18 years old and am currently in my last year of high school. I live in a somewhat small home with my mother Elise and my 14 year old sister Chelsie. I could say that Chelsie and I are close sisters but we do have our moments. I have two very best friends named Joey and Grace. There both a year older and a year younger than me (Joey 19 and Grace 17). We all met through this online chatroom. Weird right? It seems pretty dangerous.. But at least I met them. And I basically think that's all you need to know about me. Bye guys!! .xx) That was the best I could do and that's all the world needs to know right? RIGHT. After that my mom came in.
Elise: What are you doing?
Rose: Summer Writing Project. Even though I got kicked out I can still do it.
Elise: You better stick to it because going to work and writing is all you'll be doing.
Rose: Yes mom I got that.
Elise: Rose.. What happened to going to college next year?
Rose: I guess it will just have to wait another year.
Elise: I didn't want this for you Rose.
Rose: What?
Elise: I wanted you to have an easy life. No money struggles and a good education. But that's ALL messed up because of me..
Rose: It's not your fault! Well it kinda is... But still! Me and Chelsie are here to help you. And maybe I won't be able to get into college next year. But I still have a good job and we still have other years.
My mom began to cry, walked over to me and gave me a hug.
Rose: Mom it's okay. We can fix this.
Elise: Thank you Lillian. Thank you.
Even though I wasn't happy to hear my name I didn't care. I was happy knowing that my mom knew that I was here to help her. And that's all that matters right now.

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