My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


22. Justin's Girl

Justin's POV

I quickly got up and helped Lillian up. Lillian and I picked up our things. I grabbed her hand and we quickly rushed threw the paparazzi.

We were nearly by the car when a problem came up. "LILLIAN SMILE!" One of them said. "No, please stop.." Lillian quietly said. "SMILE YOU STUPID CUNT!" I heard a bang and turned around. I punched the guy and quickly helped Lillian into the car then I got in myself. I started up the car and quickly drove off.

I looked over to Lillian and she was crying. "Hey! What's wrong babe?" I asked. She sniffled and showed me her arm. It was partially open and bleeding like crazy. "What happened?!" I asked. "T-the guy that yelled at me hit me with the camera and the lens broke and cut my arm.." Lillian cried out. I could feel my cheeks getting red. "I'm taking you to the hospital. I'm so sorry this happened."


Lillian's POV

Why is it that all this stuff always happens to me? I was very startled and scared. I'm so glad Justin was here to comfort me. The doctor had to quickly stitch up my arm due to the fact that if I lost to much blood it could effect the baby. But I hope he or she is okay. I wish I knew. The doctor came back in the room to talk to me. "You're completely fine. Just be careful." He said. Is that all doctors had to say? Be careful blah blah blah! I fucking hate them SOO much sometimes.

"Hey doc.. Is there a possibility I could find out the gender of the baby?" I asked excited. The doctor nodded. He got the ultrasound machine and began working his magic.

"Okay.. It looks her like a b-boy. Yeah I pretty sure." Justin got up and danced around happily. "Oh wait... This is a girl." Justin suddenly stopped dancing and sat down. "HA! Suck it Bieber!" I yelled in his face. He smiled and then looked down. "Oh, I'm sorry Justin. Did I hurt your feelings?" I asked walking over him and rubbing his back. "Hell no! I'm good." Justin responded. I shrugged. "Ready to get back to the hotel?" Justin asked. I nodded. So we left.


Once we got to the hotel I looked around for my phone. I had no idea where it was. "Justin! Do you know where my phone is?!" I yelled down the stairs. "Yeah! It's in the living room." Justin answered.

I came downstairs and looked around for my phone. I found it on the couch and I was getting a whole bunch of texts. I looked at the phone. They were from Joey. Texts like: ( 'Are you pregnant?!' 'Why didn't you tell me?!' 'Is it mine?' 'Are you not gonna answer me?' 'Fuck you.') I quickly texted back.


L: Joey I am pregnant.. But I tried to tell you!

J: I fucking hate you. Is it mine or Justin's?

L: I don't know yet. But don't mad at me.

J: That's pretty hard to do. Until you find out... Don't talk to me.

L: I really hope it is Justin's. Because I don't want my kid to have a bitch ass father like you.

And with that I ended the conversation. How could he be like that? I don't care. I took a deep breath and walked over to Justin in the kitchen.

"So.. How's your arm?" Justin asked while eating ice cream. I took the bowl from him and said "Much better thanks!" I began walking away. Justin followed me. "Hey! Give it back!" Justin demanded. "Give it back!" I teased. He looked sad. "Aw! What wrong with the little baby-" Justin cut me off by putting ice cream on my nose. "Justin! It's cold!" I slurred. "Oops! I'm sorry babe. Let me get that." Justin them licked the ice cream of my nose.


Justin's POV

After I licked the ice cream off of Lillian's nose she kissed me. A passionate kiss. "So you ready for bed Bieber?" Lillian asked. I looked at her crazy. "It's only 7 pm!" I said. "I'm pregnant... And I'm tired... So... Goodnight!" She went upstairs to the bedroom. Gosh... I really love her. And she needs the know.. I got it! I grabbed my keys and left.


*The Next Day*

Lillian's POV

I woke up and looked around. "Justin?" Nowhere near. I got up and grabbed clothes out of the drawer. I went and took a shower. Once I got out I went and got dressed. I went downstairs to watch tv after that. My phone started ringing. Joey.


L: Hello?

J: Lillian it's me! I didn't mean what I said last night. I was drunk!

L: And why the hell are you drinking in the first place?!

J: I had nothing else....


I hung up the phone and a saw that there was an envelope slid underneath the door. I walked over and picked it up. It was purple and black. I read the paper inside. 'Hey beautiful-' Justin.. I started blushing. I continued reading. 'Follow the rose pedals love.' I left the room and followed the rose pedals all throughout the halls. People looked at me like I was crazy. I gave them mean glares along the way. There were also sweet messages on papers along the way to. Messages like 'You look pretty today.' 'You sleep peacefully.' 'I love you to the moon and back.' And then the pedals stopped at this door. I opened it and there Justin stood with roses in his hand.

I covered my mouth trying not to laugh. "Hello there sexy mama." Justin said smirking. I began laughing and gave him a hug. "Justin what are you doing?" I asked giggling. "Everyone deserves something special. And you! Are a lucky woman." Justin responded. I walked around the room. It was red and had roses that hung from above the ceiling. There were candles all over. The room smelt like vanilla. I loved it! I sat on the couch and looked at Justin. He came over and sat next to me. He had a bag in his hand. He gave me a big teddy bear that had a heart connected that said Justin's girl. I smiled.

"Thank you Justin." I said. "Oh yeah!" Justin said reaching in the bag and pulled out a tiny bear. It had a heart on it that said Justin's baby. "It's for the baby. I couldn't leave her out." I laughed at his cuteness and gave him a kiss. "I'm sure she said thank you daddy." Justin smiled then looked down.

"Lillian... I love you.. I really do.. But there's this thing." I felt a tear come down my cheek. "What's wrong?" I asked whipping away the tear. He pulled a box out of his pocket and got on one knee. "Justin.." I firmly said. "I don't like your last name babe. Let's change it." Justin said laughing. I put my hand over my mouth and began to cry. "YES!" I said jumping on him. He gave me a kiss and slid the ring on my finger. Omg. I'm going to be Mrs.Bieber soon!

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