My Old Best Friend {Book 1} (COMPLETED)

Rose lived her life like most other teens. She had friends here and there. But honestly her life wasn't always that easy. Her mother always depended on her for help. And she was all her little sister really had. But that all changed the day she met her old best friend Justin Bieber. Will things get better for her or worse?


31. Happy Birthday (Pt.1)

Lillian's POV

I forgot about Justin's birthday. I actually feel really bad. The first time I met him was on his birthday. I could never forget that day.

*Flashback (4 Years Old)*

I sat in my bedroom coloring in my coloring book. I was currently coloring a butterfly. A beautiful purple, gold, orange and blue one. The colors seemed a bit odd but it was BEAUTIFUL. I stopped coloring when my mommy came in with my baby sister Chelsie.

"Hey hun. Whatca coloring?" She asked sitting down next to me. I smiled scrunching my nose.

"A bunnerfly mummy! Can't you see it?" I said showing her the page. She giggled.

"Why is it purple, gold, orange and blue?" She asked.

I sighed. "Because it's bootiuful!!" I said happily. She laughed again. "Hey Rosie, you know mommy's friend Pattie right?" She asked.

I nodded coloring again. "Well her son Justin's birthday is today and she wanted you to go to his birthday party." She said. I pouted.

"Mummy I don't even know him!" She sighed. "Sweetie please? He said he wants to meet you." I snapped my head in her direction. "He said that?" I asked. She nodded. I put the crayons back in the box. "I'll guess, I'll go."


My mom and I arrived at this small sized apartment building. I hopped out of the car and walked inside, mom following behind. We walked up a few stairs and then we stopped at this door.

My mom knocked on the door a couple times. This lady with pretty, nice dark brown hair answered the door. Pattie. "Hi! Come on in!" She said. I walked in the apartment and looked around. There was plenty kids of my age. But I didn't know what to do. So I simply went and sat in the kitchen.

All of a sudden I heard people laughing. I turned around and saw this group of kids. "Why are you here? You weren't invited!" This boy yelled at me. "I was..." I whispered. He came over and pushed me off the chair. I fell onto the floor. I quickly scooted over to the corner and sat there. I began to cry. "Big baby." The boy said. He and his friends ran away.

I slowly laid on the floor and curled up in a ball hoping no one will see me. I didn't wanna be seen or bothered with. But someone noticed me.

This boy with brown hair of hazel like eyes came over to me. He sat down next to me and put his hands in his lap.

"Um.. Are you okay?" He asked. I sighed. "Not really.. These kids were being mean to me." I responded. "Them?" He asked pointing to the group of kids. I nodded. He patted my back. "Don't worry. They've been mean to people since they got here. But.. I'll be nice to you. I promise." He said. I sat up and gave him a big hug. "Thank you!" I said. "Your welcome. What's your name?" He asked. I hesitated. "R-Rose. Yeah! Rose. What's yours?" I asked. He smiled happily. "I'm Justin." He said. Justin. I like this Justin. "Oh.. Well happy birthday Justin!" I said. He giggled. "It's not a party without a cake!" He said standing up. He gave me his hand. I got up and held it.

We walked over to the counter. Justin helped me up onto the stool and then climbed up himself. "What are we gonna do?" I asked. "Eat cake!" He said. I looked at the cake. "But it's not cut. You need a knife." I said. Justin sighed. "My mommy won't let me use those yet..." He said. He suddenly light up. "I know!" He said chopping the cake with his hand like a ninja. The cake splattered onto our faces. "Kids!" I looked up to see mommy and Pattie. "Hi!" I said waving. Justin began eating the cake with his hands. "Want some?" He asked. We began giggling.

*End Of Flashback*

I really miss those days and if I could go back I would. But things are different know. I guess.

Justin's POV

I walked downstairs furiously. How the hell can she forget my birthday? We've spent every year together on my birthday up until I turned 10. Fuck that. I sat down on the couch and turned on the telly. Then I suddenly turned off. "SHIT!" I yelled.

"STOP FUCKING YELLING!" I heard Lillian yell down the stairs. I walked over and gave her the look. "Shut the fuck up.." I mumbled under my breath. She gave me the middle finger and turned to walk away. "Bitch.." I whispered. She turned around and ran downstairs. I just stood there.

Once she got downstairs I took both of her arms and pinned her against the wall.

"Bitch calm your ass." I purred at her. "G-Get off me Justin." She stuttered. I gave her a mean glare. Then the doorbell rang. I let go of her and went to get the door. It was my two friends Lil Za and Lil Twist.

"Hey-" Za cut me off. "Move I wanna see the baby." He said pushing past me. "Hey man." I said. "Hey bro." Twist said walking in. We went in the living room and sat down. "Where's the baby?" Za asked. "Upstairs." I responded. Za gave me the look then said "Well go get her!" I giggled then went upstairs.

I walked into Ariana's room and picked her up. She still had that damn dress on. "Why the hell did your mother put this dress on you?" I asked. I put her on the changing table and took the dress off. I put a onesie on her that said 'DADDY'S PRINCESS'. I picked her up and looked a her. "Adorable." I said smiling. We began walking downstairs.

Once I got downstairs I gave Ariana to Za. His face lit up with excitement. "Oh my god.. Justin! Your a father! This is your baby!" He said. I giggled. "I know. I've had her for a month now." I responded.

Za started making a whole bunch of silly faces while Twist and I laughed at him. But then it came to me. "Um.. Za?" I said. He continued making faces. "Za.." I said again. "What?" He asked. I sighed. "Ariana's blind.." Za suddenly looked hurt. He put Ari on his shoulder and gave her a hug. "Oh Ariana.. Uncle ZaZa is sorry." Za said.

"How did this happen?" Twist asked. I sat down and looked at him. "Well... The thing is.. I did bad things before Lillian had Ariana and it effected her..." I explained. "Bad things as in.. Drugs?" Twist asked. I slowly nodded. "But.. I thought you two didn't know who her father was?" Za asked. I nodded. "We didn't. But when the doctor was telling us the reasons she could be blind, I knew it was because I did drugs.." I said.

"Well... It's your birthday! You happy?" Za asked. I pouted. "BITCH forgot about my birthday." I said. Twist shrugged. "Well.. Aye man wanna go clubbing tonight?" He asked. I nodded. I got up and walked over to Za and picked up Ariana. I held her up. "Say by Uncle ZaZa." I said. "Bye booboo!" Za said. I smacked his head and went upstairs.

I walked into mine and Lillian's room and put her on the bed next to Lillian. "I'm leaving. See you tomorrow." Lillian looked pissed. "Justin!" Lillian said. But I had left the room.

A/n: (So.... Justin aye?)

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