Dance Like Nobody's Watching

The day that changed, when Sam Tichborne auditioned to be a backup dancer for One Direction. She didn't do it just to meet the boys. She did it because that is what she wants to do with her life. Dance. Its what she does best. She never had friends. She's home schooled. Until she auditioned. The day that everything changed.


1. Samara Tichborne

Tich here! (My nickname) One word to describe my life. Dance. It's been there for me. It gets me through tough times.
I have 2 parents who got divorced when I was 11. I have 3 other siblings. Alex is my older brother who is 19, Sadie who is 16 and Talia who is 12.

I am homeschooled. My mom was really really really good in school so she teaches me! Lets say I'm becoming more like her!

 I’m currently living with my mom in London along with my siblings. We are actually from Canada but my mom had a job transfer.

I love both my parents very much. Even if I haven’t seen my dad in such a long time. Right now I’m saving my money by working at Starbucks to buy a ticket to see him with my brother.

My mom has been heartbroken for two years ever since she divorced with my dad, but through the years she's gotten over it.

On to favorites,
Food: Sandwiches
Band: One Direction, Imagine Dragons and the Beatles
Singer: Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson
Drink: Snapple and Arizona
Sports: Hockey, Cheerleading and Dance (even if people say it isn’t a sport)
Accessory: Hair Bows
Age: 17
Birthday: June 2


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