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When Lilia Rose Black doesn't know who she's meant to be or who she's meant to do what will happen? The youngest of five and only daughter of Renesmee and Jacob Black Lilia is stuck in between being the person who she wants and thinks she should be and what her parents and family want her to be. Does she go with what she thinks is right or does she go with what her family think is right. And when she falls in love with a boy she thinks is the one does her family stand by her and trust her judgments.


1. I need a new family

           I need a new family, I thought. My brothers of course was picking on me because I'm not like them. I'm normal and you might say "isn't that a good thing" well not in  my family. In my family you are either a fucking fast vampire. Or a fucking huge wolf, but nope I'm the fucking boring human in they family of course.

 My name is Lilia Rose Black the only daughter and youngest of five of Renesmee and Jacob Black. All my brothers are werewolves. Logan is the oldest he is eighteen and a mini Jacob, well not so mini. Caden is seventeen and is just like but my dad but has my moms eyes. then it's Chase who is sixteen and just like Caden had mom' eyes and dad everywhere else. Andrew, who is fifteen, is also like that. Mark who is fourteen, has moms eyes to. Me I'm thirteen I have black hair and blue eyes. I never knew where I got them from until grandpa Edward told me his mother had blue eyes.

 Well like I said I need a new family. today is Monday and we are walking to the bus stop and they where talking about how they had such a great time at a bonfire that since I'm not the pack, yet. That what my family says every time it's brought up. I'm not allowed to go.

 "Hey Lilia do you remember when Seth hit Mark with the football... Oh wait you weren't there," Logan said and everyone started laughing.

 "You know that joke wasn't funny the first time you said it, or the second, third, or fourth. Why would you think that it would be funny the fifth time. so I say just pimp the fuck down," I said which is weird for me I never cuss. Around family at least.

 Ever heard saving saved by the bell, well I was saved by the bus. I got on the bus and sat in the very back with my friends Jason, Kamy, Cameron, and Maisy.

 "Hey hotty," said Cameron.

  "For the last time Cameron I'm not dating you," I said as I sat next to him.

  "Yet you still sit next to me," he pointed out.

"Yes that's because it the only seat open," I explained.

"True. So why do you look so pissed off," he asked me.

"I need a new family," I explained knowing my brothers would hear me, "my brothers are annoying the hell out of me."

"How," Kamy asked.

"They just are," I explained.

"Hey we are all getting off at Kamy's stop today you coming," Jason asked me.

"Yeah, of course I am," I replied they had been saying that there was something important we need to talk about.

"Good we need to talk," Maisy said.

We finally got to school and we all walked to our first class. I had the meanest teacher ever for first hour. So I was sitting listening to the lesson while my boyfriend Jack was sitting me behind me messing with my hair. "Mr. Avery have you lost something in Ms. Black's hair," the teacher asked us.

"Yes Mrs. Voss I can't seem to find my textbook I thought I would find it in her hair," Jack joked.

"Don't be smart with me Mr. Avery," she said dryly.

"But Mrs. Voss isn't school all about being smart," I asked her.

"Well Ms. Black how would you like detention," she asked me.

"Well why are you asking me you are the teacher," I joked.

"How about two," she said raising her voice.

"Well if it keeps the conversation going," I replied.

"That's it two detentions and a phone call home to your parents," she said. if she was trying to scare me she was not doing so well.

"A phone call home to my parents I'm so scared," I said sarcastically.

Jack was pulled on my hand telling me to stop talking and sit down. so I did and of course the teacher asked, "Are you done Ms. Black."

"Yeah," I replied shortly.

"Yeah what," she asked.

"Yeah, I'm done," I said annoyed.

"How about yes ma'am," she said dryly.

"No need to call me ma'am, Mrs. Voss," I joke.

"That is it get out of my classroom and go to D.S.R.," she yelled.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my stuff. I was walking to D.S.R. when all of my brothers where standing in the middle of the hallway looking at me. I turned to walk a different way when I heard Chase yell, "First of all who the hell is messing with you hair in the middle of class and what right do you have talking to teacher like that."

I kept walking I didn't feel like putting up with them, but suddenly there was a hand grabbing my arm. "Oww, that hurts your forgetting my skin is not as strong as your," I said and turned around and saw Logan holding my arm with all my brothers around him.

I looked at my arm and it was black and blue, "Let go of my arm," I screamed.

He let go and they a gasped at the color it was, "Oh my god Lilia I'm so sorry."

"Leave me alone ok. I don't want you nor do I need you in my life," I yelled I guess I was sick of taking their shit. this wasn't the first time one of them has done this and they normally don't get in trouble.

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