Starting Today (Don't Tell Him sequel)

Did you enjoy Don't Tell Him? Good! This is the next chapters!!!!! Brooklyn and Harry get seperated for 3 months because of her modeling. Louis decides to run "a plan" ;) by Brooklyn and she agrees. Brooklyn confronts her parents about Harry, but wait.................................................Who's Danny? find that all out and more when you read Starting Today


3. Dinner fight!

When we got to dinner we ate at a club, Harry decided not to drink and just relax. Sophia was talking to Perrie and Liam was sitting alone. "Hey Liam!" I sat next to him handing him a drink

"Hi are you ok?" he said putting his hand on my leg I shock my head no and we walked to a private room "whats wrong?"

"you know that your like a brother to me and I love you and I want the best for you and I just don't think that Sophia is the perfect math for you and I just think that you deserve better" I looked him in the eyes

"what are you saying?" he came closer to me

"I don't know I just think you should break up with her" he pushed the hair out of my face and was leaning in to kiss me. I leaned in to and we were kissing! oh my god...I was kissing Liam...and I liked it....I didn't stop myself even though i knew it was wrong. I didn't pull away from that gentle kiss. 

"sorry" he said smirking

"It's ok" I said smiling "I love-WHAT JUST HAPPENED"

"we kissed" he said playing with my hair

"no no no we didn't" I said pulling away

"yes we did sophia" 

"Its Brooklyn Liam!" I got up scared for my life about this

"oh no" he said getting up to "Brooklyn?"

"yeah" I said walking towards him

"kiss me again!" he grabbed me and I saw Harry. Liam dropped me and I fell to the floor crying. I saw Harry throw a punch and Liam throw another. I saw Harry kick and Liam fall.

"harry?!" I said getting up with tears in my eyes as he was about to walk out

"no brooklyn" he said walking out of the venue. i walked towards everyone where Sophia was locking lips with someone, everyone was watching me but El and Perrie drove me home.

"It was stupid and I messed up" I said crying. "where is he?"

"i have no idea lets just drive home he's probably there" Perrie said pulling into the driveway. Sure enough he wasn't there. I fell asleep before everyone came home but woke up the next morning early."brooklyn what are you doing?" perrie said walking out of her bedroom, I was still wearing what I was wearing yesterday. 

"i am going to look for Harry" I said and walked out. I couldn't ask anyone where he was because that would start a mob of people. I was out for 6 hours now and I gave up, I sat down on the curb of some street looking t people walking by.

"hey you lost" some huge guy behind me asked. I shoke my head no and he sat down next to me "need help?" I shoke my head no again. I didn't want to talk to any boy except Harry. "You ok?"

"Yeah perfect. I messed up with my boyfriend and have been looking for him for about 5 hours so yes I am fine so why don't you just keep on walking" I said finally looking up at him

"whats his name" he said forgeting that i was being rude

"harry styles" i mumbled

"of one direction?" I nodded and he nodded back "well" he said getting up "did you look at the Jack Wills store" I shoke my head no "look there" he said and walked away. I ran there as fast as I could and checked ever isle. he wasn't there. I was sitting back at the dressing rooms where I was sitting for about an hour. Until I had to buy a sweatshirt because it was so cold. When I got to the sweatshirt isle they only had XL left so i just bought that. I was walking out of the store when I bumped into...harry.

"Oups sorry love didn't see ya" he couldn't see my face because the hood was so big. I nodded "do you talk" he laughed. I pointed to my throat (meaning that i had a sore throat) and he nodded "can I buy you coffee" I nodded and walked with him to Starbucks.  "whats your name?" I wrote Kate on a napkin "Hello Kate" I waved "do you mind if I tell you something?" I shoke my head no "Well my girlfriend Brooklyn was kissing my friend and I punched and kicked my friend and she just stood there not stopping me or anything. I love her but I can't see her not now. She came all the way from Paris to see me but"

"You know girls do that just to make sure that their boyfriend is the one right?" I said in my best american accent

"I know but I heard she was looking for me should I find her?"

"Harry, don't let me go" I said in my real voice and put my hood down.

"Brooklyn?" I nodded "Liam?" I shoke my head no "harry?"

"is the love of my life and it kills me" he nodded

"well" he got up "lets go home baby" I smiled and he kissed me and we walked home

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