Letter in the mail

Sixteen year old Trojyn Zefridge is forced to move to a different country and start a new life. Moving to Ireland was not what she planned on happening, but it did. While in Ireland Trojyn stumbles upon a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Will he make Trojyn like moving to Ireland? What will happen when Trojyn has to move again?


1. Chapter one

Trojyn's Pov

Today was the day. The day that I left everything that I have ever known behind and start a new life. A new life that I wish that I did not have to start. 

It wasn't my choice to start this new life. It wasn't really anyones, it just happened. If it was up to me I would continue with the life that I have now. I have been living this life style for the last ten years and it has worked out pretty well. But no, I have to travel to a different country to live with a person that I hardly remember.  

I'm kinda getting ahead of myself. My name is Trojyn Zefridge or you can call me what everyone else does, Tro. I currently live in Australia, but in a couple of hours Ireland will be my home. I love it here in Australia. The sun is always shining and the views are amazing everywhere you look. In a few hours these views will be gone and all I will have is my memories of them. 

You are probably wondering why I have I move to a different country and start a new life. To tell you the whole story I have to go back ten years. Long story short lets just say in started with a letter in the mail. 

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