My savior

Trapped in her own almost perfect world, Jazzy was awaiting for her prince charming. When one afternoon, he saved her from her terrible ex. He swooped down and helped her up. And, well, the rest you'll have to read to find out.


2. The park

“You've Got To Be Kidding Me! Couldn't You Have Given Me 5 More Minutes?” I Threw My Alarm At The Wall.
“Honey, Are You Okay?” Mom Called To Me From Downstairs In The Kitchen. “Yeah. Just Yelling At My Alarm Clock.” I Was Frustrated.
“Okay. Look, Jazzy, I Need You To Watch Your Brother Today. I Have Errands To Run.” She Always Had Me Watch Him. He's 13. “Mom, It's Saturday. I Can't. I Have Plans.” I Always Went To The Park And Read 'The Twilight Saga', And Ate A Salad.
“Take Him With You. Why Don't You Call Trish Or Jason? See If They Wanna Help. You Always Read And Study. Go Do Something Fun Every Once And A While!”
“Mom Reading Is Fun For Me. I Can't Jus-- I'm Coming Down. Just A Second.” I Came Down In My Gray And Pink Work Out Shorts, Flip Flops, And My Austin Mahone Sweatshirt.
“-- Just Can't Drop What I'm Doing So You Can Have Me Watch Max On Short Notice, When You Know I Do This Every Saturday And Sunday.”
“Jazmine, You're 16. You Live In My House, You Live By My Rules. That's That. Now I'm Not Discussing This With You, Young Lady. Your Watching Max. Let Him Invite One Of His Friends, And Take Him To The Park With You. You Can Read, He Can Hang With His Friends. Everybody Wins.”
“I Don't Get Why He Can't Just Stay Home Alone. I Stayed Home Alone Since I Was 11.”
“You Were Very Mature And Responsible For Your Age. Max Is Too, But I Just Can't Go Out Of The House And Relax With Him Here. I Mean I Could Just Have You Watch Him Here If You Wanna Keep Discussing This. All I Wanna Hear Is, 'Yes Ma'am'.”
“Yes Ma'am.” I Groaned. “Where's Daddy?”
“He Had To Fly To Chicago For 3 Months On Short Notice.”
“Thank You. Wake Max Up. Nicely.” I Walked Up To His Room. I Pounded On His Door.
“Wake Up You Rat! We're Going To The Park!” I Shouted.
“That's Not Nicely, Jazzy!” Mom Shouted From The Kitchen.
“I'm Up.” Max Mumbled.
“Let Me Get Dressed.”
“Dibs On The Bathroom!” I Yelled To Him.
“Not Fair! You Take Like Three Hours!” He Was Always The Same Bitter Boy. I Gathered My Outfit For The Day. My Favorite True Religion Denim Mini Skirt, My Juicy Couture Tank Top, My Jimmy Choo Flip Flips, And My Prada Bag. I Took A Shower, Blow Dried And Curled My Long Blonde Hair, Put On My Makeup, Painted My Nails(Fingers And Toes), And Put On My Fearless Perfume By Taylor Swift, And Brushed My Teeth. [Bam, Bam!]
“Jazmine Are You Done In There? I Need To Take A Shower!” Max Is So Annoying.
“I'm Done. But We Don't Have Time. We're Leaving. Get In The Car.”
“Can Nick Come? I Need Some Guy Time. Hanging With My Sister On A Saturday Is Lame.”
“You Really Think Hanging With You Is The Highlight Of My Saturday?” I Said To Him. “Then What Is The Highlight? Reading? Studying? You're So Boring!” He Is Such A Brat!
“And You're So Annoying!”
“Just Get In The Car. We'll Pick Nick Up On The Way.” When We Finally Got There, I Made Nick And Max Go Away And I Started Reading.

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