My savior

Trapped in her own almost perfect world, Jazzy was awaiting for her prince charming. When one afternoon, he saved her from her terrible ex. He swooped down and helped her up. And, well, the rest you'll have to read to find out.


1. Dreamer

I Saw The Way He Looked At Me With Those Kind, Hazel Eyes. It Was Almost Like He Didn't Look At Me, But Like He Looked To Me. I Made My Way Down The Stairs In My Rose-Pedal-Pink Dress And My Silver Heels. I Couldn't Believe This Was Happening. He Wore Black Dressy Pants, A Black Over Coat, And A Red Tie. It Was Way Different Than His Usual Attire. You Know, His T-Shirt And Basketball Shorts. Standing Beside Him Was My Mom, Debby, My Dad, Aaron, And My 13 Year Old Brother, Max. He Wore A Smile That Makes A Girl Melt Like Butter Down A Hot Texas Asphalt. Walking Down My Last Few Steps, I Heard Him Say, “Wow! You Look.. Wow!” I Laughed. 
“You Look Pretty “wow” Yourself.”
He Smiled. Daddy Said In A Stern, But Calm Voice, 
“now, I Want Things To Stay Clean. None Of That 'funny Business', You Hear.” I Blushed,
“Don't Worry, Daddy. Nothings Gonna Happen.” 
Austin Quickly Piped In.
“No Worries, Sir. We'll Have Good, Clean Fun.”
“Be Safe. And Be Home By 10:00.” Mama Said.
“And Make Sure You Have Your Cell Phone On You At All Times. And Your House Key.”
“Stop Being So Worrisome. We'll Be Fine.” I Confirmed.
“Yes, Mrs. Stewart. I Won't Let Any Harm Come Jazzy's Way.”Austin Had A Way Of Putting Mama And Daddy At Ease.
“You Ought To Get Goin' Now. You Don't Wanna Be Late.” I Could Tell Daddy Had Restraint In His Voice. I Kissed Both Their Cheeks, And Austin Shook Their Hands. Austin Opened The Front Door. 
“I Love You Both.” I Told Them.
“I Love You Too Baby.” Mama Told Me. Daddy Didn't Say Anything To Keep From Tearing Up. 
“My Mom Rented A Driver To Drive My Car For Us Tonight.” Austin Told Daddy. We Got To Austin's Red Range Rover. He Opened The Back Door For Me To Get In. He Got In Next To Me.
“I Hope You Like What I Planned For Us Tonight.” He Told Me.
“No Matter What It Is, I'm Sure It'll Be Lovely. We Could Spend The Evening In A Ditch, In The Rain, And It Wouldn't Matter. As Long As We're Together, It'll Be Perfect.” He Smiled At Me With Relief.
“Do You Ever Kiss On The First Date.” He Sounded Nervous, Like He Was Holding Back From Asking Me. 
“If You Wanna Kiss Me, Then Kiss Me.” My Heart Raced As He Leaned In. He Closed His Eyes. I Closed Mine. He Was Almost To My Lips When-- [Beep, Beep] My Alarm Went Off.

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