My name is Roseanne Martinez,but most people refer to me as Rose or Rosie. I was in love. Actually I still am. He never loved me back though. He was just another popstar,that likes to crush hearts. I should have seen through his perfect reputation. No one ever threw him hate. Even if he broke their hearts,they just pretended it was their fault. I don’t think I can do that. No,I won’t, I cannot! I will make a mess of his facade,I will make a mockery of him! He will not win this game. He picked the wrong player to knock down,now he WILL pay the price. I just wonder how long he will try to stay on top. I will be on top in the end. Or will I? Read on and find out!
A/N: This is sucky,sorry. I personally think the story is actually better. Please read it,it would mean a lot to me!


14. Gleeful Joy

  A/N: I hope it is getting excited.

  I shake my head furiously, trying to deny his assumption, but he knew he was right do he was relentless. I was dumbfounded when his voice got clearer and louder instead of softer and more gurgled. 

  "You were and still are!"  The happiness in his voice kept me speechless. 

  My attempt at denial had truly been pitiful, cringe-worthy even, but I hadn't expected joy. To deter his joy I considered spilling the beans about Niall being arrested, but I couldn't. He still had my heart, I could not just break his spirit like that when he still held my heart. I held my tongue as he bounce, gleeful that I still cared. I did not want him to know this, but some small part of me was relived that he did not laugh in my face. 

  The rest of me was wondering why the hell he was so freaking happy. I had to know, or else it would eat me alive.

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