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Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


8. Saturday Night Surprises

Krystal's POV

I had no idea what was happening. Right in front of me on my screen was the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction. I kept staring at him with my mouth wide open. How could I be talking to Harry for days and not have the slightest clue that it was him.

 "Your Harry styles..." I say stuttering in between his name. "... not Luke"

I slam my laptop closed making the call end. What just happened. One minute I'm all happy that I get to see Luke, but instead Harry shows up. I fall back on to my bed looking at my light pink ceiling fan. I'm completely in shock. I hear my phone vibrate on my matching pink night stand. I had a feeling it was Luke, I mean Harry.

"krystal r u mad?" he texts me.

I wasn't really mad at him I was just still in complete shock. I didn't know what was happening. He is famous why would he be talking to random people he hasn't ever met.

"no but r u really harry??"  I send back


I couldn't believe it.

"can u skype me again" I get a minute later.

I open up my laptop again slowly and go back to Skype to call him. I was nervous now.

Harry's POV

I waited by my computer for a couple minutes just staring at the blank screen. I wanted to talk to her so badly. All of a sudden the screen went blue and her name came up. I hit accept and waited for the video of her to show.

"hey" she said looking at me still confused.

"hi krystal" i respond back

She was more beautiful then ever. The way the light in her room glared off her skin it made her look like she had a perfect tan. Her eyes popped from the light of her screen beaming off her face. She could tell I was staring and was waiting there uncomfortable looking at me. 

'You look really amazing, krystal" I say breaking the awkward silence. I could tell she was trying not to smile but it wasn't working.  The way she looked at me and grinned while saying thanks felt so normal.

"so why did you tell me your name was Luke and tell me you looked like that one guy?" she asked

I knew this was gonna come up, but I had to tell her the honest truth if this was going to go anywhere.

"well, I uhm wanted to meet someone new I guess. Someone that liked to talk to me for well, me. Not that I was famous and they could get something in the long run I guess. Everyone that talks with me now only like me cause I'm a celebrity. Just wanted someone different." I say while acting apologetic. I could tell she wasn't mad at me.Thank god. But she still didn't trust me." I'm sorry" I finally say while staring into her eyes on my monitor.

I hear a soft "I understand Harry. I'd do the same thing" and know I'm forgiven.

  There was a couple minutes of awkward silence until Louis opened my door and started blabbering on about something. Krystal's face popped up. I think she understood that I was really Harry styles and not some fake now.

"Louis shut up. I'm busy here" I almost scream across the room.

"no no, its fine. Is that really Louis?" Krystal says with a slight smile.

"sadly ya, he is rudely interrupting us" I tell her glaring at Louis sitting on my bed right behind the camera.

"hello Love" Louis says with a smirk on his face "I've heard a lot about you. Harry here cant go 10 minutes without mentioning your name lately." He says. Krystal was obviously blushing. Even through the dim lighting and the poor quality connection I could tell.

"And that's typical Louis for ya" I say with my accent pulling out the 'eh' sound in his name. Louis comes around and sits next to me showing his face to the camera.

"aww look its Larry" Krystal says giggling and making a little heart with her hands. Louis and I started breaking out laughing.

'Larry is so not happening" we say almost simultaneously.

"But you two are so cute together" the giggly queen says

"Sure cute. Anyways Krystal I have to head to bed. Promise we can Skype tomorrow?" I ask hopping she seemed happy.

"yah sure as long as Larry is there" Krystal said sticking her tongue out at us.

"Night Love" Louis and I said together before ending the call.

I grabbed my laptop and placed it on the nightstand while Louis was walking towards the door.

"Thanks Lou" I told him before he closed the door. If it wasn't for him that call could of been the death of me.



Okay so the story will start getting good now :P I promise and Please comment on what you think of it so far!! Id really appreciate it. Anyways, like it up loves! <3

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