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Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


10. normal day of school

Krystal's POV

 As i walk into my school and through out the familiar halls I keep looking for someone I knew. Over the years in this school so many things have changed. From people to the way the actual school functions.Ever since my sophomore year anyone that walked into the school needed a badge identifying who they were.

 One morning during the winter of my sophomore year a man came into the building with a knife and planned to kill every person on the lot.


I was walking towards my 2nd period class, Mr. Draunders English class when a large sound of screaming and feet stampeding came my way. I didn't know what was happening at the time but hearing people yell things like 'Get in a class room" or "He has a knife." Rushing over to the closest class room as swiftly as I could but being stopped by upper clansmen trying to do the same thing. I turned my head to see how big the crowd was, but instead of seeing a big cluster there were about 10 people behind me. Not including him. We made eye contact for a couple of seconds until he began pushing through the people and moving towards me. The man had an devilish grin and was holding the knife in his left hand.

I made my way through the crowd making a run for the farthest classroom. Luckily, one at the end of the hall let me in right before they closed the door to lock it. I headed straight to the corner to hide. I didn't care who watched me. I was about to break down. A minute later the entire room was so quiet you could hear a needle drop.

"I know your in here" we hear at the door. A man sounding about in his mid 30's saying directly to me. I knew he was, but no one else understood.


**Flashback over*

Ever since that day Ive kept that secret all to myself. The school took a major fall since then and everyone acted very different. Not always for the best.

 Im almost to my 1st period class when I see my friend Caitlyn at her locker.

"Hey caits" I say making my way behind her.

"hey why didn't you text me all weekend" she muttered sounding angry

"I was busy doing my end of the year project. You know that I have almost no time to do it along with mentoring next years Drum Line" I tell her hoping shed believe me.

"Fine, lets go to class then" Caitlyn tells me while turning around to the direction of our class.

When we got there we took our normal seats and went on with our normal class. Since its near the end of the year we have all this hardcore studying for our End of Course tests our teachers normally leave us alone. They think since we've done this so much we should know what to do. By the end of class ive felt my phone vibrate at least four times. Once im out in the hall way and heading towards my second class I take out my phone to see a message from Harry.

"we r leaving now for LA cant wait to meet u"

To be honest I was really nervous to meet him, What if he didn't like me as much as he thought he would.  Then never talked to me again.

 I went on with the rest of my day until it was time to go home. I figured Harry and the guys would get to LA about 4 today since they left so early. So i had 2 more hours of free time till i expected a text from him.

I was planning on telling Jonee about Harry being Luke today at lunch until Caitlyn came early. She couldn't know. Caitlyn would tell everyone about it.

I pulled out my phone while heading to the car and texted Jonee.

"u want to get coffee? wanna tell u stuff about Luke"

Within a minute later I get one back from her. " YES meet u at Starbucks in 10"

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