It's you...

Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


9. I guess its a yes...

Krystal's POV

I wake up at seven AM from the sound of my phone ringing. The sun was just starting to creep through my window and into the room. It was Sunday morning and the smell of Bacon and pancakes flew throughout the house.

Every Sunday we had a traditional family breakfast. My parents thought it was a good way to keep our family 'connected'. 

I slowly scooted out of bed and stepped into my slippers. I guess im old fashioned, since every normal morning is like its from a movie. The person wakes up and slips straight into a robe and fuzzy slippers. Then slowly moves downstairs to make breakfast.

I grab my phone and start heading down stairs. When I make it down my dad is sitting at the table drinking coffee and playing on his phone and I notice my mom is still making breakfast.

"well I see we'll have an amazing meal today" I say in a sarcastic tone because everyone that knows my mom has also learned that she is not that good at cooking. She burns everything. Even food that just needs to be warmed up in the Microwave.

"haha very funny Krystal" she says while my dad sips his coffee not trying to show he wanted to laugh.

"Dad thinks it was funny. Just he wont admit it"

I help my mom make breakfast when all of a sudden my phone has a spaz attack. I totally forgot to check my phone earlier.

'4 MISSED CALLS' and '13 TEXT MESSAGES' it shows on the screen from Luke. I totally forgot that he was Harry and not Luke for a minute. It took me a minute to look through all the messages. All were pretty much the same stuff.

" Babe u awake"

"krystal love"

"good morning beautiful"

"wakey wakey"

I give a quick little smile to my phone hoping no one would notice. Luckily no one did.

" hey harry, srry just woke up"  I send to him while hearing Zach come stumbling down the stairs.

"I SMELL BACCCOOOONNNNN" he screams, walking into the kitchen in his plaid pajama bottoms and no shirt. I normally hate when he walks around shirtless, but hes been working out a lot lately since he was planning on trying out for JV football next year. He had that little pre abs lines going on.

"Morning Zach" we all say as my phone vibrates in my hands.

"good i was making sure all that stuff last night didnt scare u off (;" I get from Harry. By now I've changed his contact info. I felt so weird knowing I was talking to Harry Styles.

"never could u scare me" I send back as everyone was sitting down at the table and began eating.



Tomorrow I had school so I knew I had to sit down and work on my end of the year project. I was making a huge slide show of what my future holds for me. Everyone had to do some type of project showing what they want to do, and where their life takes them after high school.

Mine was pretty simple. I wanted to be a music teacher. Everything I wanted I planned out on the slide show with pictures and little poor animations. When I was almost done my phone starting ringing as if someone was calling me. A unfamiliar phone number.

"Hello" i say picking up the phone

"Krystal! hey its Louis"


           "oh hey Louis, whats up?"


         "Well I was thinking. The guys and I are flying out to the US tomorrow to start doing some stuff. Maybe one day we could meet up?"


I couldn't believe I was hearing this right. One Direction wanted to meet ME.


           "sure but where are you guys going to be"


            " mostly in LA but Harry told me you lived a couple hours away from there?"


          " yah im about a 2 hour drive from there"

 "soooooo is that a yes?" I hear him say and sounding like he was hushing someone in the background. Probably Harry. Well of course I couldn't just say no. That would be so rude and make everything awkward. 

"ya that would be cool"  I make out. All of a sudden I hear a voice in the background say ' is it a yes??' very impatiently. I thought it was harry but wasn't completely sure.

" cool, I guess we will see you in the next few days?" he asks and sounding like he was smiling.

" ya you will Louis" I tell him with a chuckle.

"Nice well ill let you get back to whatever you do nowa days. Bye Krystal, stay lovely" He hangs up on me when I'm saying goodbye.

By the time I'm done with my project its almost 8 o'clock at night. I figured I should take a shower and get some food before heading to bed for the night. Only to wake up to another dreadful day of school tomorrow.



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