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Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


5. Dress shopping

Krystal's POV

 I woke up in the morning and saw a message from Luke. 

"u know it ;)" 

" ur so cheeky at times Luke" I text back. 

 As I walk downstairs I hear my mom yelling at my younger brother Zach. "Why would you put peanut butter all over syrupy pancakes Zach?"

"Mom chill, I do this all the time" 

I walk in the room and almost at the exact moment they turn around and look at me, still in my clothes from band last night.
"Well there you are. You came home last night and just disappeared" mom said 

"Yah I was tired, drum line does that to you" I reply laughing at her.

I walk towards the pantry grabbing a thing of cherry pop tarts. Then heading to the kitchen table to sit down.
"Don't forget your senior ball is coming up soon. You still need a dress" she glares at me, like 'your a girl you should know this', but I really couldn't care less.
      High school dances just made to show who is popular enough to have a date, or who could buy the most expensive dress. Completely pointless, but I knew I would still have to go. 
  I feel my phone vibrate and checked it. 

"so what r u up to today love?" Luke asked.

"probably having to go dress shopping. Ew. Ikr" I look up from my Phone to take a bite of my pop tart. Today was going to be a long day.
   I walk into the dress shop with my car keys and phone in my hands. 
"Hello welcome to Gigi's dress shop! How may I help you today?"
The lady at the counter asks.

"Oh it's fine. I'm just looking" I make out barely while being distracted by all the dresses around me. How can people think this could actually be fun? I start looking around for dresses and hear One directions song 'Little Things' come on throughout the store. This was one of the few songs of theirs that I actually liked. Everytime I hear it, it makes me want to cry. Something about their voices sounds so innocent.
In the middle of Harry's part my phone vibrates and I know it's from Luke.
" I want to help you get a dress! take a pic of each one and send me it ;P" he says.

I pick out a couple of dresses quickly and bring them back to the changing rooms.
 All of the dresses were short ones that ended in the middle of my thighs.

The first one I tried on was a cute strapless one that was a lavender color. My favorite. I looked in the mirror at myself.
"I look so, girly. Ewie" I say to myself giggling. I remember Luke wanted pictures, so I grabbed my phone and took a picture of me in the mirror with a funny face. 

"Dress 1" I Send to him with the picture. 

I quickly change out of the dress and try on the other dresses. One was a sky blue with white polka dots that was spaghetti straps. Another was a black and had a lower cut on the top. I took pictures in all and sent it to Luke just like the first dress. 

A couple minutes later he texts me.
"3rd dress definitely. u look amazing in all of them n those faces, priceless love"

   Harry's POV

         I set the picture of her in the black dress as my phone background. She was beautiful. 
   She had light brown eyes with brown hair that ended just below her shoulders. Curly at the bottom and straighter at the top. It wasn't the obvious type that shows she curls it or straightens it. It's just, natural looking.

"Well well, who's that huh?" Zayn says sneaking up behind me.

"Back off, she's just an old friend of mine" 

"You never talk about her, so you wouldn't mind giving me her number eh?" He says with a smirk

"You're such a dick, Zayn. You have Perrie. Back off my girl" 

"Whoa there. So she is more then a friend. shes 'your girl'?" Zayn says as Liam and Niall walks in.

"Who's his girl?" Niall asks curiously. 

"No one" I say glaring at Zayn making him drop the Krystal topic.

  I didn't want the guys knowing about her. They'd mess everything up. I only wanted a simple relationship with someone that didn't like me cause I'm famous. She didn't know that and still liked me. Just like before X Factor.

 As soon as Zayn got up and walked away I turned my phone back on to her picture. She really was amazing. I kept thinking of her until I got a message from her.

"soooo what dress should i get for my senior ball"  Krystal asked

She looked good in anything, but that 3rd dress was something different.

"u have to get the 3 one n when we meet u hav to wear it ;D" I quickly message back.

I checked the time and realized it was only a hour till the concert. Tonight was going to be hard. Not able to talk to her for a couple hours. I picked up my phone and messaged her once more before having to start getting ready.

 "hey love so tonight i have to work :/ wont be able to talk till late. love u xoxo."

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