Summer Love {Harry Styles fanfic}

"The waves may leave, but the memories are forever"

Sadie needs a break from her schooling and her mother who constantly bugging her. When summer comes thats the perfect opportunity. Sadie and her friends decide to rent a beach house for the summer.

Harry needs a break from the fame and all the fans. The perfect chance to do that is when summer comes and they have the whole summer off. He and the boys rent a beach house for the summer, but what he didn't know is that Sadie and her friends were right next door.

Neither did she.

Harry and Sadie meet. It was sorta like love at first sight.

But Sadie knows that when fall returns she has to go back to school.
And Harry knows when fall returns he has to go back to his career.

Is it really worth it to be together?

They both don't know but they do know that their in love.


1. Time to get away


"Are you almost ready?" My best friend Lily asked me. "Yeah I just have to pack a few more things then we can go" I told her with a smile. I finished packing all the stuff I had left, and that wasn't much. Just some things I may need and things that I will need. 

I grabbed my two suitcases and headed down the stairs. As I was about to drop them my brother came up and grabbed them. "Thanks" I told him and followed him to the car where all three of my friends were waiting. He put them in the trunk part of the car. 

"Thanks Dustin. I'll miss you and I love you" I said giving my brother a hug. He hugged me back "I'll miss you to Sade. Stay out of trouble and no boys" He said, but I could tell the playfulness in his voice. I hit him in the arm and opened the back seat door and got in. "Alright I'm ready lets go" I told them and we pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. 

"So where are we going exactly?" I ask Ashley who is driving. I didn't know where we were going, they never told me, they planned this whole thing. Yeah, I needed a break from school and yeah I needed a huge break from my mom. She's constantly bugging me. 

"California" She said keeping her eyes on the road. My mouth dropped open "So were gonna be in the car for nine hours?!" I asked amazed. "And fifty-seven minutes" My other best friend Olivia said."Yup" Ashley answers turning on the music, thats her way of saying "Now stop talking and enjoy the ride". We all live in Nevada and it's nine hours and fifty seven minutes to get from Nevada to California. 

I put my headphones in my ears and closed my eyes. Mine as well get some sleep.



      (I know this is short I'm sorry. Hopefully someone starts reading soon :) Please comment and tell me what you think!! It will make me very happy, and I'm accepting the hateful comments, but please just try to be nice) 


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