Summer Love {Harry Styles fanfic}

"The waves may leave, but the memories are forever"

Sadie needs a break from her schooling and her mother who constantly bugging her. When summer comes thats the perfect opportunity. Sadie and her friends decide to rent a beach house for the summer.

Harry needs a break from the fame and all the fans. The perfect chance to do that is when summer comes and they have the whole summer off. He and the boys rent a beach house for the summer, but what he didn't know is that Sadie and her friends were right next door.

Neither did she.

Harry and Sadie meet. It was sorta like love at first sight.

But Sadie knows that when fall returns she has to go back to school.
And Harry knows when fall returns he has to go back to his career.

Is it really worth it to be together?

They both don't know but they do know that their in love.


2. Beach



When I wake up it's night time. I look around and see all the girls sleeping except Ashley of course, shes's driving. "How many more hours do we have to go?" I ask her. She looks so tired and kind of annoyed. "Three" She says kinda mean. "Do you want me to drive the rest of the way?" I ask her. She shakes her head. "Ashley your tired now come on lets switch". I think that convinces her because she pulls over into some store and gets out. I sit up front and Ashley's in the back now. A few minutes later I hear very light snores and turn my head a little bit. Ashley is already sleeping. I look at the clock on the radio. It reads '9:30 PM'. I turn up the music lightly and continue driving.


                                                 Harry's P.O.V 

I pull into the driveway and try to wake the boys up, and I succeed. We all get out and were all very tired so we decided to just grab all out stuff in the morning. I grab one of my little bags I brought and it has my pajamas and my toothbrush. I was just going to need a separate bag.

We all go in together. We rented this beach house for the summer since we had the summer off of being 'One Direction'. Even though I was positive that their would be fans asking for autographs and pictures everywhere. It's not that I don't like our fans, because I love them, It's just were all very tired so we need a break.

 We all decide on our rooms and all get ready for bed. I went into my room and brushed my teeth. I laughed "Why did I even bring these pajamas in if I'm not even gonna use them" I say to myself. I take off my shirt and throw it on the dresser thats in the room. I take off my pants and throw them onto the dresser as well and decide I'm going to keep my boxers on. I pull back the blankets and jump right into bed. I pull the blankets back over my body and drift off to sleep, but before I fall asleep I hear a car door, but I decide not to look. I drift off to sleep moments later.



I wake up the next morning to the sun shining in through the window. I pull the bankets off and head down the stairs. It looks like nobody is up yet. I walk over to the fridge and there's a note.It says: 

           Help yourselves to any of the food in the fridge and in the cuboards. And the dressers and closets in the rooms you are free to use as well - Beth and Randy                                                                                               

I opened up the fridge to see eggs and bacon and all sorts of stuff. I pull out the bacon, eggs and milk. I set them on the counter and look in all the cuboards trying to find pancake mix. I finally find it and grab all the rest of the stuff I need to finish the breakfast.

When I'm almost done with it Niall and Liam come down. "I smelt food and jumped right out of bed" Niall said sitting on the couch and turning on the telly. Liam sits down next to him and goes on his phone. He's been kind of bummed out lately because him and Danielle broke up.

As I'm getting done Zayn and Louis finally come downstairs. "Finally" I say with a smile. They ignore me and all get plates and stuff to come up to get there food.

We all sit down and start to eat our food. 


                                                                 Sadies P.O.V 

"SADIE HURRY UP!!!" Olivia shouts up the stairs. Were all going to the beach I'm getting ready, I take the longest to get ready. I grab my towel, sunglasses and a book and head down the stairs. I put my flipflops on and open our slider and walk down to the beach. Ashley, Lily and Olivia are already all layed out on their towels chit chatting. I put my towel down next to Ashley's and lay. "So Sade we were all going to go out shopping later and hit some clubs tonight" Olivia tells me. "I would love to, but were all underage and won't get in anywhere" I tell them looking into the water. Olivia smiles "You know my cousin Anna lives out here and owns one. She can get us in and it's one of the best clubs around". I smile "Alright" I tell them.

My mom would literally throw a fit is he knew I was going out to a cub, underage drinking and grinding everywhere. I'm only nineteen and Lily is eighteen, Ashley is twenty and Olivia is nineteen just like me.

My mom is very strict and acts like she can run me and my life. And is constantly bugging me about every little thing in the universe. And I have to make sure I'm doing good in school. I'm a college student at the University of Nevada. 

I hear a splash and my thoughts are knocked right out of my head. I turn my head and see looks like five boys all splashing and playing around in the water.

"I didn't know we had neighbors" I said to the girls. "Neither did we" Ashley says with a smile. We were all staring until they looked over at us and smiled. I looked away but the rest of the girls didn't. They were practically drooling. "Guys I'm going to take a dip in the water if you wanna join me" Lily stood up but Olivia and Ashley kept staring. I laughed and shook my head.

Lily ran into the water and went under, I think she did it to cause attention. I went into where it went to my ankles. It was freezing and there was no way I was letting my body in the cold water. "Come Sade It's not that bad once you get on. Were here on this vacation to have some fun" Lily said throwing water into the air. I guess she's right, We are here to take a break from being 'goodie twoshooes'. So I ran into the water and dived under. Once I came up I could hear Liv and Ash woo hooing on the shore. Me and Lily laughed and just floated around.

I could feel the boy with all the tattoos and had somewhat of curly hair staring at me. I started to feel a little uncomfortable. Yes he was hot, they all were hot, but I'm not here for a summer romance, I'm here to have fun and be single. Besides he probably has a girlfriend.

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