The Lost and Forsaken

Boston and her family plan on going on a nice relaxing winter vacation. They want to go to Melbourne, Australia to escape their freezing home in Minnesota. But during their flight things go tragically wrong. Join Boston on her journey of love, loss, betrayal, and hatred.


2. Chapter 2

   I must have blacked out because I don't remember what happened after that. The next thing I do remember was waking up in a hospital. I didn't know where in the world I was or how I even survived, but I did know that I was lucky to be alive.

   I wasn't in much pain so I assumed my injuries weren't that bad. Except for the fact that I can hardly move... That might not be good...

   I attempted to turn my head to view my surroundings. My head was pounding as it swiveled to the left. I saw nothing but the plain white walls, a chair, and a huge light blue curtain. On my right I saw the same walls and another curtain, but instead of a chair there was a small desk.

   My mind started getting flooded with thoughts of my family. Were they still alive? Were any of them on the other side of either of the curtains? Or were there only complete strangers?...

   My thoughts were interrupted as someone enter the room, the doctor. He was a short straggily man with bags under his eyes, he must not get much sleep being a doctor and all. The doctor's name tag read 'Dr. Nick Sablen'. He took a seat on my left and I assumed he started talking because his lips were moving, and pretty fast too. But I couldn't hear a word he said....

   I spoke up, "What did you say?" Well, at least I think that's what I said.. I couldn't hear myself. What's happening?! Dr. Sablen started talking again, but this time much slower. I could make out most of what he said by reading his lips. It was like, "We're glad you're awake. How are you feeling?" Well, at least something like that.

   But what did he mean by, 'glad to see me'? How long was I asleep? "H.. How long have I b... Been sleeping?" I could feel myself stuttering, so I decided to add, "And why c... Can't I hear?"

   At that he seemed to be wide awake. He instantly got up, walked around the bed, and started rummaging through a drawer. I watched as he pulled out a white board and expo marker. He then wrote, 'You have been asleep for almost 2 weeks now. We suspected a chance of you being death when you woke up, but it was a very small chance.'

   Before he could write anymore I snatched it from his hands. Hey, look, my arms do still work! I erased his writing with my hand and replaced it with, 'I'M DEAF?!'

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