Zayn Perfect Two

A girl called Ellie meets a boy called Zayn and falls inlove but Zayn just want's to be friends, will Ellie be able to change his mind ?


3. Dads angry?!

I woke up in a strange bed and looked around the room trying to see if I could recognize the room, I turned onto my side and saw a picture of me and Zayn from the day we were at town, it was off us being silly and posing and taking loads of little pictures he had made a small collage of them, cute! I then remembered I slept at Zayn's last night but I couldn't remember much because I was really tired, but where was my boyfriend? I sat up and looked down next to me he wasn't there? I then looked up and across the room to see a little girl, "Hello?" I said feeling quite scared Zayn had said his parents and sisters were away for the weekend and came home later today but what time is it maybe I slept in late, "Hello" the girl said quietly after a while of waiting for her to reply, "What's your name?" I asked now knowing she was real well also hoping I wasn't talking to a ghost. "Saffa, Zayn's sister" Oh thank god I'm so glad she actually lives in this house! "Hello, I'm Zayn's girlfriend, Ellie" I said standing up from sitting up in the bed, she looked up at me and walked over an held my hand, she gently and slowly pulled me downstairs where I heard laughter coming from the living room.

"Morning babe," Zayn said standing from his chair when I walked into the room Saffa letting go of my hand and Zayn embracing me into a tight and warm hug, he pulled away but kept his grip on my waist and looked into my eyes with his twinkling in the sun light coming through the window, Saffa had gone and sat down next to her mum and 2 sisters, Zayn winked at me and sat back down in his chair "Morning" I said as he made me jump by pulling me onto his lap by my waist and causing me to fall onto him, "so you must be Zayn's mysterious girlfriend he wouldn't tell us your name it was pretty annoying" Zayn's mum said to me smiling, "Hi, my name's El-" Zayn cut me off bye turning my head to him and kissing me hard on the lips, I looked at him confused, "Ellie" I blurted out quickly before he could stop me, I turned and looked at him and he just smirked and pulled me to leaning back onto him, "why couldn't I tell her?" I whispered looking up at him, my head resting on his shoulder, "I just wanted an excuse to kiss you" he mumbled into my neck squeezing me tighter and closer into him, I held his hand and interlocked our fingers, he placed his other hand onto my thigh as I turned to sitting side ways on him with my back against the arm of the chair, "well hi Ellie, I'm Zayn's mum but you can call me Tricia, and this is Saffa, Doniya, and Walihya, my daughters," Tricia replied pointing out each girl, "Yeah mum we've already met" Saffa said slouching into the sofa, "hi" Doniya and Walihya said in sync, "I'm Doniya the oldest, and Walihya's the 2nd youngest" Doniya said smiling, I smiled back and looked over at Zayn who was looking down at me with a sexy grin on his face, I looked up at him smiled and winked and he pulled me closer to him and hugged me while I was still on my side just my bum on his thighs and my back on the arm and my legs dangling over the other arm, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and burrowed my head into his neck, unexpectedly he stood up holding me bridal style as he left the room and started to walk up stairs to his room. With me still in his arms he sat down on the end of his bed and let go of my legs so they were over his lap and now I was back in the position I was sat on him in the living room, my hands were still around his neck with my fingers interlocked together to keep my hold, I sat up and looked straight forward at him, "Zayn I want you to come round mine and meet my family now I've met yours," I said leaning my forehead on his, he sat back and grinned and nodded, "yay" I said leaning right against him and clashing our lips together, we slowly moved our lips in sync as we lay down kissing on his bed, I was lying on top of him my fingers running through his hair, as he lay under me holding my back and drawing shapes onto it, I sat up straddling him and tugged at his top for him to take it off he did so and I ran my hand along his toned abs before our lips met again, we lay there kissing.

I practically flew off of Zayn when Tricia walked through the door, I sat up quickly climbing off of Zayn and him sitting up pulling me back onto his lap, "Mum! you made us jump at least knock first!" Zayn said out of breath from his heart racing from being made jump but also for how long we had been kissing for, I had my hand on my chest because she scared me so much, "Sorry I didn't know you would be doing that" Tricia replied covering her eyes and leaving the room, I looked at Zayn and we started laughing, "She scared me" I said my hand still over my racing heart, "Same!" he said back pulling my hand away and kissing my chest and up to my neck, he sucked on a spot leaving a hickey  I pushed him back and clashed our lips together again, I trailed kisses along his cheek and down his neck, I done the same as he had done to me and gave him a hickey, I trailed the kisses back up to his lips as we continued once more kissing passionately.

Zayn's P.O.V

Ellie lie on top of me while we moved our lips in a quick motion in sync, I managed to roll us over so I was now an inch away from lying on her as I did so her vest top had shuffled upwards revealing her stomach, as I looked down at her I noticed something on her hip, I pulled away and pulled her pajama shorts down further to see it, "You have a tattoo?" I asked quit surprised, "Yes" she said sighing, "It's cute" I said leaning down kissing it, "Really? my ex tried to make me get rid of it" she said hugging me tightly, "Really, it's cute" I said once more kissing her neck.

Ellie's P.O.V

As Zayn was kissing my neck I saw his alarm clock on his bedside table said 3:00 Pm I sat back quickly, surprised about the time, "What?" Zayn asked me looking a\t the expression on my face, "It's 3 O'clock !" I said, Zayn's mouth dropped and turned around to see the clock, he turned back to face me and looked surprised too, "You wanted me to meet your family didn't you?" he asked sitting up and tugging his shirt back over is head, "Yeah, since I met your family I thought you could meet mine" I replied smiling, I stood up and walked over to where my clothes were on a chair, Zayn stood up and locked his door so while I was changing no one walked in, I pulled Zayn's old pajama shorts he lent me down and quickly pulled my skirt over trying to do it before Zayn turned back around but he did see and wolf whistled, I could feel my cheeks getting hot from where I blushed, "please don't look" I said politely, "But I saw you yesterday" he said, I turned and looked at him confused, "How did you see i was in the bathroom," I replied, "You didn't shut the door though did you? nope you didn't" he smirked, "Wait if you saw me getting changed yesterday then how did you not see my tattoo?" I asked curiously, "You wasn't facing that way at that point," he replied walking over to me, "k" I said giving in, I pulled my vest top over my head, and before I could put my pink lace top on Zayn grabbed my waist and pushed me to the wall, I gazed up at him quit shocked about what he just did, he looked down at me and I could see the passion in his face and eyes.

Zayn's P.O.V

I had Ellie pinned to the wall, I don't know what came over me just all I wanted to do was kiss her, hug her and just be with her in my arms, I lent forward and pressed my lips against hers, as her head moved further back to be against the wall, I lifted her up so she was hovering off the floor and in my arms, we were still kissing, "Zayn?" she mumbled as she pulled away, I put her down feeling like I had pushed it too far, "sorry" I said moving away and passing her, her top, she pulled it on still looking confused about what I had just done. "I'm sorry, you just looked so sexy and I couldn't control myself," I said beginning to worry if she thought something horrible of me now, "It's fine, it was an amazing kiss but it caught me off guard and I would've preferred it if I was wearing a top," she said smiling up at me, "At least I had a bra on," she added giggling, I let out a small laugh too. "So go get dressed and we will go over to my house, oh and have you seen my phone?" she asked me looking by the bed for the phone, "ok and I think you put it under your pillow last night," I replied going over to the pillow she slept on and lifting it, "thanks" she said kissing me on the cheek as I passed her the phone. 

Ellie's P.O.V

I was still a little shocked about what Zayn had done but it's ok it just caught me off guard, I hadn't checked my phone since last night, I had 3 missed calls from Gemma and one message from her, 7 missed calls from my dad and 4 texts from him and my mum had texted me once to see if my date and night was ok, I replied back :

Mum- Hi, how was your date, did you sleep alright last night? xx 

Me- Hi, sorry I've just seen the messages, yh the date was amazing I slept really well Zayn is so sweet I love him xx see you later we're coming round I wanted you too meet him.x

me and my dad:

Dad- honey answer your phone your making me worry x

Dad- Ellie, speak to me why wont you answer my calls?

Dad- If you don't answer me soon then I'm going to call your mother and ask her where you are!

Dad- Answer me sweety I'm worrying now xxx

Me- Dad I'm fine don't worry, my phone was in my bag and I didn't hear it sorry for making you worry, I'm ok xxx

me and Gemma:

Gemma- Heyyyy!!! How was your DATE ! <3 :D Omg tell me bout it soon need to talk to ya ;) and I wanna hear every single tiny detail do NOT miss a single part out! <3 xx love ya :P

Me- HEY!! my date was AMAZING!!! <3 Zayn is soooooooo sweet and cute and I slept round hi last night cause he said I wouldn't b able to stay awake for the drive home so he offered and texted my mum for me and she said YES, and b4 u ask NO we did not do "IT!" your right I Need! to talk to you how bout tomorrow we meet maybe you can sleep round OR I can sleep round yours! <3 :) love ya 2 xxx speak laterzzzzzz X :D

I put my phone in my pocket and went to see if Zayn was ready yet he had gone to the bathroom, I knocked on the door and he swung it open straight after, "READY!" he yelled grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers, "wow that excited just to meet my mum and sister?" I asked giggling, "yep" he said nudging me in the side, "shall we get McDonalds before?" Zayn asked me grabbing his phone off the side before walking downstairs with our hands still griping together, "Mmm yes!" I said now really wanting a big mac, "Mum! we're going to Ellie's house I might be home later!" Zayn yelled to his mum who popped out in front of us from the kitchen, "Ok, bye" she said kissing Zayn on the cheek and giving me a small hug, Zayn grabbed the keys for the car he drove yesterday and we went to McDonalds.

We went through the drive way and I had a Big Mac and Zayn had a Chicken Legend, we pulled up outside my house and started to eat before we went inside, "mm that was delicious!" I said putting the rubbish into the brown paper bag, I checked my phone one last time before we got out the car, my dad had replied to my text:

Dad- Ok well, please check your phone more often now please! xx

Me- Yes Dad I will!

It was annoying when he bossed me about, I also had a reply from Gemma:

Gemma- Aww yay can't wait to hear about it all now c ya tomoz x

Me- yup yup xx

Me and Gemma had been best friends for as long as I can remember my mum told me that her mum and her were really good friends when they were younger and thats how we met when I was 1 and Gemma was about 2 months old but I can only remember us being 5 and in the start of year 1, we were like sisters.

We got out the car and I knocked on the door, Alice answered it smiling really big, "Yay! your tooth finally fell out!" i cheered when I realized why she was smiling so big, "Alice this is Zayn my boyfriend and Zayn this is Alice my 8 year old sister, "Hi! we met yesterday Ellie but I didn't know he was your boyfriend" Alice said smiling again, "Hello nice to see you again" Zayn replied smiling too, "Ellie is that you?" my mum asked leaving the living room, "Mum hi!" I said hugging her, "Hi Zayn, he looks better then I remembered" my mum said winking at me, "Oh no mum don't your embarrassing!" I said back getting nervous of what she was probably already planning to show him "No baby pictures in fact NO pictures and No private questions and no questions!" I said before my mum could do any planning, "Zayn this is my mum Viki, mum this is Zayn" I introduced them, "Hello nice to meet you Viki, and i mean nice to meet you properly now" Zayn said offering her to shake hands, "Hi Zayn, we never said hi last time did we? hmm" my mum replied shaking his hand, "Come sit in the living room watch a film if you want do you want tea, coffee, water, juice, orange, apple or squash?" my mum asked naming loads of drinks, "I'll have apple juice please mum" I said sitting on the sofa, "Could I have some apple juice too please?" Zayn asked politely, he sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me, I snuggled under his arm and rested my head on his shoulder, "coming right up!" my mum yelled walking into the kitchen, 5 minutes later we were watching friends with benefits just like we did last night, mum walked in with our 2 drinks her tea and some cake and biscuits. By the end of the film the biscuits and cake was gone and our cups were empty, I was flicking through the channels "wanna watch family guy?" I asked putting BBC 3 on, "Sure" Zayn agreed pulling me in closer to him, if that was possible, I tucked my head into his neck an kissed it, he kissed my forehead, "Love you " he said rubbing my arm as if he was trying to make it warm, "Love you more" I said back to him, "yeh you keep telling your self that but it will never be true because I love you more and always will," he said, I put my legs across his lap and lent back on the arm of the sofa. "night" I heard Zayn mumble as I shut my eyes.

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