Y Me?

Nicole was always insecure about herself. Her friends and family would tell her that's shes beautiful but she would never ever believe them, that's until a cheeky curly-haired boy names Harry (yes from One Direction) changed everything...

heyyyy guyyss(: so this is my new fanfic hope u enjoy it and please noo hate(: already insecure enough :/ hope u enjoy it feedback would b extraordinharry(: thanks!!(:



I Know u never loved the sound of your voice on tape… “Thanks Hazz” I giggled as I got up with a slight grin on my face from the magical lyrics that i loved from the man i loved the most. I got up and washed my face with the lovely face scrub that just happened to get rid of my acne. After that i slipped this on 

, then pulled my blue socks on and tied my black high-top converse. I grabbed my schoolbag and headed for the door.

----- skip day at school too damn lazy-----

as i was walking back from hell i noticed a black van following me "shit shit shit shit" i cursed under my breath, i saw it coming closer to being me i sprinted towards my house. Almost there, just a little bit farther I  thought to myself, shit I felt myself getting tired by the minute but i was almost there then THUNk! was ll i heard before i blacked out


i slowly opened my eyes to find 5 of the hottest dudes in the world in my room, "what the- was all i could say because my throat was so damn dry i swear i was growing cactus's in there. "Hello there love" i heard a raspy voice say "Erm hi" i said a little confused "What the hell happened?!!?" i asked/screamed "Well," Liam started, "We saw you walking home and we knew you we're the girl from twitter so we- i cut him off by saying "wait twitter what?? i dont even have one!! i sofly screamed "O well aren't you Nicole?" asked Niall "yeahhh..." i said "Ok good we got the right girl" he said "As i was saying," Liam continued, "We hade gotten a message saying that you were a big fan and that you would cry yourself every night because you new deep down you new that you would never meet us, so we decided to prove you wrong." Liam finished with a cute little smirk "O well how nice" I said with a wide grin "But that still doesn't explain how i ended up here instead of outside running from a black van" I said "O yeah that," Niall said, "You see we kinda slightly kidnapped you but only so you wouldn't scream and fangirl at us and because I kinda wanted to feel bad ass like all the others." Niall said, then there was about a second of silence till everyone cracked up then Niall continued "No just kidding we also didnt want to seem suspicious and didnt want anyone to recognize us" he finished "O well ok, good as long as you guys weren't gonna rape me or anything which i don't think you guys would ever do" I said "Exactly" Harry said with a smile that made his dimples pop out "Alrighty then well i"m gonna go get an icepack because my head is killing me so i'll be right back" I said "No need to go we can always go with you" Harry said all flirty and cheeky. "Fine by me" I said while winking at Harry," Wow i didn't think we'd ever meet anyone as flirty as Harry but i guess we were wrong!!!!!" Louis said as Harry hit his arm while chucking down the stairs.


---- Heyyy guuuys(: hope you liked the first not and if you didnt then sorry i know i suck shit so like i said no hate pleasse!! thanks again(: sorry if u can't see the pic if ur reading on the app, if u have an account online then u can see it ther!!! SORRY!!!((: - Harry'sbutton xxo

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