Y Me?

Nicole was always insecure about herself. Her friends and family would tell her that's shes beautiful but she would never ever believe them, that's until a cheeky curly-haired boy names Harry (yes from One Direction) changed everything...

heyyyy guyyss(: so this is my new fanfic hope u enjoy it and please noo hate(: already insecure enough :/ hope u enjoy it feedback would b extraordinharry(: thanks!!(:


8. Everything Has Changed

We walked into American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister, and Charlotte Reuse and I baught minmum 10 thinga from each store because Louis would recommend some cute clothes to try on and then I'd model them for the boys then I'd end up buying it, luckily there were only a few dans every hear and there but one fan asked a specific question that changed everything


----- SOOOOO SOOORRRYYY!!!! this is super duper duper short so sorry again but the next will bbbb waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer(: LUUUV YA!!(: - Harry'sbutton

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