The Makeover

Darcy's your typical popular girl. She's part of the drama club and she's the most known girl in school. She likes to party and have a good time with her friends. Marcel on the other hand your typical geek. He's part of the science and math club and he's the most bullied kid in school. He likes to stay at home where no one can hurt him.

What happens when Darcy gets paired up with Marcel on a school project and later gets dared to give him a makeover? Will Marcel break from his shell or will he never change?



Darcy's POV

It felt like I was slipping from the real world too my imagination. In my imagination everything was awesome. Everyone was nice to me and Harry was there, he was always there. In the real world my body ached. Every bone in my body shot in pain making me bite further into my swollen lip. I couldn't open my eyes to see where I was or who I was with, but I knew there were people around me. I could feel people crying, shouting names, rushing by. I couldn't feel anything but the pain until someone's hand clasped mine.

"Darcy, Darcy. Wake up."

My eyes fluttered open and I was surrounded by lots of people. To my left was Zayn was holding my hand and to my right was Jackson. 

"What's going on?" My voice was hoarse as I spoke so Zayn handed me a water bottle.

"Thanks." I took a gulp and gave it back to him.

"You don'y remember?" Jackson asked. I shook my head.

"You fainted during practice." Zayn explained.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? Why?' 

"The doctor hasn't told us yet. He wanted you to walk up first."


We sat in silence until Jackson coughed.

"Don't you want to see Harry?" 

I furrowed his eyebrows."Harry who?"

"What do you mean Harry who?"

"I mean, who's Harry?"


Don't KILL ME!

sorry but this is short! 

It's gonna be a two part chapter so there will be more.


anyways, hows life? Mines been hectic, final exams and such, but new semester coming up soon. Whatever 

*5 comments for the next chapter*

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