Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


7. Chapter Seven

I woke up with a massive headache. Why does my head hurt? I slowly looked around to process what had happened. Oh, yeah. We went clubbing last night. But what does this have to do with my head? I rose up from the bed to see Harry stepping out from the shower, his hair all wet and messy. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and seeing his toned muscled abs early in the morning felt so good.

“You’re up.” He says. He sits down beside me and pats my head. “How are you?”

“I don’t know. My head hurts.” I answer. I notice that I’m not naked and I was wearing one of his shirts. He must’ve slipped it on me while I was asleep.

“Hangover.” He answers. He reaches for the bedside table and hands me a glass of water and aspirin. “Take this.”

I nod and follow. I take it from him and drank. Damn. Why am I thirsty too?

“We’ll be leaving soon. Go take a shower and I’ll grab clothes for you from Lou.”

I nod and lazily stood up, grabbing a fresh towel from the rack.

“I’m grabbing Starbucks. What do you want?”

“Cinnamon Dolce Latte, please.” I answer. He nods and wears his jeans and I enter the bathroom, not bothering to close the door. I take his shirt off and enter the shower, blasting the hot water. Holy shit. This feels so good. I heard a click and Harry must’ve left already. I take my time cleaning myself. I had to make sure I smelled really good and all.

I finished in 30 minutes. As I step out of the shower, I grab my towel and wrap it around my body. Where is Harry? Why is he taking so long? I sit on a chair and spun myself around. Suddenly, Harry enters the room, a paper bag on his hand and two cups of Starbucks coffee.

“What took you so long?” I ask. He sighs under his breath and closes the door.

“Fans.” He breathes. He hands me the paper bag and my coffee and I sit back on the chair, staring at him.

“Holly, are you trying to seduce me?”

“No?” I answer.

“Well, you are, so get dressed, please.”

I jumped up and down, squealing. “I seduced you! Holy shit! Holy shit!” I finally seduced a guy! I so cannot wait to tell Kiera. The towel wrapped around my body falls of and Harry stares at me with wide eyes. “What?” I ask him. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked.” I grab the towel and walked toward the paper bag, checking out my clothes.

He brought a new pair of undergarments, my red floral dress and white flats. Another outfit from Kiera, Damn. I gotta thank her for all of this. I turned around and pecked Harry on the lips.

“What was that for?” he asks. I grin at him and walked away, not bothering to answer him back. The moment I reached the bathroom, I slipped on my underwear and hooked my bra. Then I wore my dress. It was probably just three inches above my knees and to be honest, I kinda looked like a good girl, with all the flowers and stuff. As I went out, I catch Harry watching Glee and I quietly sat down beside him.

“I’ve always wanted to audition for Glee.” I say.

He turns and looked at me. “Well, why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t have time.” I answer. “And if I did, I probably won’t be here to be “friends” with you.”

He laughs. “Touché,”

I laughed harder. “What kind of language is that? Are you an old man or something?” I continued to laugh so hard he gets annoyed and tickles me. “Aggh! Nooo!” I shout, back. I hate it when people tickle me. “Haaaaaaarry!” I shout louder, this time.

He didn’t stop so I continued screaming at him. Suddenly, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall barge in the room, shouting, “What the hell is happening here?” Louis was holding a baseball bat while Niall was holding this toy knife. Where did they get these things?

Me and Harry stared at them in confusion from the bed. He still had his hands on my waist and I was still lying on the bed, processing what happened.

“Well, tell us!” Liam commands. Louis walks toward me and takes me away from Harry, bridal style.

“Harold, this is unbelievable. How could you? She’s just an innocent girl.” Louis scolds.

I stand up and went beside Harry. “What are you guys talking about?” we ask in unison.

Niall looks at us in confusion. “Weren’t you raping her?” he asks as he points his finger to Harry then to me.

Me and Harry both laugh and I explained what just happened. “He wasn’t! C’mon, guys! He was just tickling me!”

They both let out a sigh with relief. “Thank goodness.”

I grab my Starbucks from the table and head out the door. “Where are you going?” Zayn asks.

I show him my phone. “Phone a friend, AND with privacy.”

They all smirk at me and I went toward the lobby, hoping to have a good conversation with my ever so loyal best friend, Kiera.
Me and Kiera had been talking for 25 minutes now. I was sitting on a chair in the lobby, drinking my coffee and nibbling on my granola bar.

I told her about seducing Harry and she never stopped screaming in my ear. She also won’t stop mentioning the pictures she saw in the internet of me and Niall yesterday. Part of me thinks she fancies Niall but I do know she likes bad boys not innocent ones.

“Kiera, Kiera, stop, stop.” I tell her. “We should talk about you now.”

“Me?” she asks.

“Of course. What’s been happening to you and Adam?”

She sighed. “I’m not really sure, it’s like he wants me just for my body. I want him to like me for me, Holly.”

I understood her. It was just like me and Harry. And I knew that this is the right time to tell her the truth. “Kiera, I gotta tell you something.”

She remains silent urging me to continue. “Me and Harry are kinda friends with you know benefits.”

I heard her gasp. “OHMYGOD, since when?”

“I don’t know. I forgot, probably four days after we met. We just kind of blended with each other.”


“I don’t know. Wait. How long are you working for Maroon 5, anyway?” I ask, hoping to change the topic and bringing the conversation back about her.

I heard her sigh. “Long enough! And you!? What? A week? Holly, you are my goddess.”

I laugh and suddenly someone grabs my phone and talks to Kiera. It was Niall. He loud speakers it as the other boys walk toward him and asked what’s up.

“I don’t know.” Niall mouths. He returns his attention to the phone and talks to Kiera.

“Niall Horan speaki-”

“Give the damn phone back to Holly.” Kiera says as she cuts him off.

Louis laughs at Niall and makes fun off him.

“Sorry, love. What did you say?”

Don’t call me, love.”

Louis laughs harder now and Niall looks at me. He probably was never turned down like that. Kiera, I will kill you.

“Oh, okay.” Niall hands me the phone and I talk to Kiera. But this time, I turned the speaker off. Liam gestures to me that it’s to leave so I follow after him, heading to the tour bus.

Kiera kept talking but I didn’t understand anything. The tour bus was big and humongous from the outside. What more in the inside? I can’t stop staring. Liam must’ve sensed my shock that he puts an arm around my shoulder and lead me toward the bus.

“Welcome!” he shouts as soon as we entered. I accidentally ended my call to Kiera and continued to admire the bus. Holy shit. It’s so big. Paul enters the bus and says, “We have to get going, boys!”

Liam removes his arm around me and sits down with the others as they play Fifa 12. Oh, shoot! My luggage! I quickly ran toward the door until Harry blocks me. “Where you going, love?”

“Harry! Move! I have to get my luggage!”

He continued not to move and answers me. “It’s already been taken care off. It’s near your bed.”

“Oh.” I say. I then, sit beside Louis and rest my head on his shoulder. My big brother! Suddenly, Zayn asks a question that almost made me faint.

“Are you guys like together?”

Liam pauses the game to listen and Niall stopped eating.

“No.” I answer. “No.” Louis says after me and places his arm around my shoulder. We both laugh. It’s fun making fun of them.

“Seriously.” Zayn presses.

“We said no. Right, Holly?” Louis tells me. He kisses my forehead and his hand goes to my waist.

“Okay. That’s enough Louis.” Harry suddenly says as he takes me away from Louis and drags me to the bathroom.

The bus then starts moving and I had to sit on Harry to stable ourselves.

“Harold. What do you want?” I ask him, annoyed.

“Don’t let others touch you that way.” He growls.

“Who? Louis? Harry that was all just an act.”

“I know. Just do what I say.”

“Okay, okay.” I raise my hand in complete surrender and stood up to leave the bathroom. The others might suspect something bad and I don’t want that to happen. Suddenly, Harry catches me on time and kisses me. My hands go to his waist and I passionately kiss him back. I noticed that he wasn’t kissing me that hard. Almost like he was almost too careful. Oh my. Is Harry changing? We continued to kiss for minutes until someone knocks on the door. “Hey! I need to pee!” Zayn pounds on the door.

We both let out a laugh and I open the door, to let him in. “Sorry, Zayn. Here you go.” As I stepped out, I went over to Louis and sat beside him. This time, I didn’t lean on him and he didn’t too. He must’ve sensed Harry’s jealousy.

Hours pass by and we did all kinds of things. We played video games, and told stories. It was already dinner and we were starving. “I’ll cook!” I say as I stand up and rummaged their fridge.

“Burgers! Burgers! Burgers!” They all chant at the same time.

“Okay!” I laugh. I grab 6 patties and buns and lay them out in the counter. I then look for a pan and took one and placed oil in it and turned the stove on.

It took me 10 minutes to cook their burgers. I lay them in each plate and called out to them. “Boys! Dinner’s ready!” They all ran toward the counter and grabbed their burgers.

“Hey, thanks for this, Holly.” Liam says.

“Yep! Thanks Holly!” the other boys say in unison with their mouths full. They ran back toward the TV while Liam remained with me.

“You’re a great cook.” Liam pipes up to break the silence.

“Thank you.” I say. I bite my burger then take a sip of my coke. “Why won’t you go with the boys?”

“I think it’s inappropriate to eat in the sofa.”

I laugh silently. Liam is such a matured guy. I looked up at him and smiled, offering him to sit with me in the counter and talk about the boys.
It was finally time for bed. We take our turns in the bathroom and when it was finally my turn, I approach Niall.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” he says as soon as he sees me. He grabs something from his bag and brings out his shirt. “Here,” he hands me the shirt and I notice it was his Ramones shirt.

“Thanks.” I say. I went to the bathroom and quickly took a shower, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I folded my used clothes and slipped on Niall shirt. It reached mid-thigh but a little bit shorter than Harry’s. Probably because Harry is taller than Niall.

As I went out, I placed my dirty clothes on my bag and tied my hair in a messy bun. I then, approached Louis to ask where I sleep.

“Louis, where do I sleep?”

He pointed at the bunk beds. “There?”

“But, isn’t that where you sleep too?”

“Yep, but there’s an extra below mine.”

“Oh. Thanks.” I walk toward the bunk bed and slid inside the third one, just below Louis’.

After a few minutes, everyone is already in their beds except Harry and Liam.

“Harry! Hurry up!” Liam calls as he pounds on the bathroom door.

“Wait!” he calls back. As he opens the door, he walks toward his bed which was on top of Louis, naked. Completely naked.

All the other boys then turn their heads at me, checking what my reaction’s like. I didn’t really care. I mean, I’ve seen it already. It’s been inside me already. I even sucked it. So, I shrug and lay down, covering myself with the comforter.

I felt Harry climb his bed and Liam quickly turned the lights off.

“Good night Louis.” Niall says.

“Good night Niall.” He answers back.

“Good night Boo Bear, night Niall.” Harry jumps in.

“Good Nighttttttt!” Louis and Niall say in unison.

“Sleep tight Niall and Lou.” Liam calls.

“Goodie Night!” Louis says.

“Nighterz.” Niall says back.

“Good night Hazza.” Liam mentions.

Harry answers, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Suddenly, Louis and Harry had this good night competition.

“Good night Harold.”

“Good night LouLou.”

“Good night dolface.”

“Good night muffin bottom.”

“Good night sugar lips.”

“Good night my love.”

“Good night sexy.”

“Good night wife.”

“Good night husband.”

“Good night baby mama.”

“Good night daddy baby.”

“I’ll see you in the morning.” Harry says as he makes this kissing sound.

“You can’t see me right now but I’m smiling.”

“I like knowing I can make you smile.”

“Sleep tight, HarHar.”

“Night night Lou.”

“Night spider monkey.”

“Good night seductive unicorn.”

Suddenly we hear a loud growl from Zayn. “OH MY GOD! LET ME SLEEP!”

There was silence for 2 minutes before Harry starts again. “Good night sex lord.”

Louis laughs. “God! No! Oh, c’mon! You know I can’t top sex lord!”

“Sorry guys…” Niall apologizes.

“Huh?” Louis asks in confusion.

We didn’t say anything for a while until we smelled something bad.

“Oh goooooooodddddd.” Liam complains.

“Wait! What happened?” Harry asks.

Louis then grumbles. “GOD NIALL WHAT DID YOU EAT?”

“Holly’s burger! That’s all!” he answers back. They all gasped suddenly and realized I was here. They probably forgot I existed.

“Good night, Holly!” they all say in unison except for Zayn.

“Every damn night.” Zayn groans in his pillow. I laugh silently and fell into a deep sleep. I love them. So much. Notes Hope you like it!
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