Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


14. Chapter Fourteen

“I don’t get it. How did you know it was me?” I asked Harry as we left the venue after the bidding and we are now outside our hotel, eager to get inside our rooms.

“I just know it.” He answers. We step inside the elevator and Harry presses his floor number. Oh- shoot. What room was I? As I was about to mention it to Harry, he cuts me off by saying, “You’ll be staying with me tonight.” I stay quiet for a second or so and the elevator door opens and Harry leads me to his room.

“Thank you, Harry.” I say. I curtsey with my gown and I look up at him to see green eyes looking intently to mine. “You know, for bidding for me. Right now, I could’ve been in that guys bed room by now.”

“I wouldn’t approve of that.” He murmurs. He locks the door behind him and leads me toward the middle of the room. “Now, why have you been avoiding me?”

“Avoiding you?” I ask innocently. “It doesn’t mean that we haven’t had sex for two weeks that I’m avoiding you.” I manage a little laugh and I stopped when Harry was looking at me seriously. “Seriously, I wasn’t.”

He sighs. “Very well.” His body slammed into mine as we crashed backwards into the wall of his hotel room, our lips moving together urgently, the taste of his tongue swirling in my mouth, his deep groans filling up the otherwise silent room. I clenched the front of his suit tightly, the fabric balled up in my fists holding his body against mine. His black suit was discarded carelessly behind us on the floor, a result of my overwhelming necessity to have him naked.

One of my hands found its way to the nape of his neck, tangling itself in his soft, luscious curls, as his slid my gown up over my hips hungrily. It was a matter of seconds until I had it lifted over my head, dumped carelessly in a bundle on the floor over his shoulder. His little pink tongue darted out to wet his lips, his teeth biting down appealingly.

“You know what’s next, don’t you?” he murmured, his heavy eye contact only broken by his white polo peeling off over his head. I let my gaze drop to his perfect abs, toned torso, the waistband of his Calvin Kleins only just visible under his pants.

He stepped closer to me, letting his hot fingers push my hair behind my ear, his lips connecting with my neck tenderly.

“We’re gonna fuck,” I replied breathlessly, lulling my head back to the feeling of his teeth nipping on my skin, his tongue slicking over the sore spots seconds later.

He pulled away, chuckling, moving his mouth to kiss the sweet spot next to my ear. “Correct,” he mumbled, “but that’s not all. I’m gonna make you scream my name so loud they’ll hear it in LA.”

I giggled softly. “I like the sound of that…”

His mouth came back to mine, our tongues forcefully meeting once again, and I felt the floor disappear from under me as he lifted me onto his hips, not breaking the kiss once. Next thing I knew, my skin collided with the smooth, silk turquoise sheets on the hotel bed.

I blinked my eyes open when he pulled away, his long body hovering over me, dominating. I felt him pressing tiny little wet kisses to my neck, over my collarbones, along my shoulders. I moaned quietly, encouraging him, chaffing my thighs in an attempt to relieve the excitement building between my legs.

“You excited for me, baby?” he mumbled against my skin, and I nodded, sighing softly in response. By now, his hands were snaking around my back, unhooking my bra, his eyes widening like a kid on Christmas as he flung it over his shoulder. A giggle escaped from my lips despite my fighting against it, and he looked up at me in surprise.

“What are you giggling at?” he questioned, his big eyes bearing into me, expectantly. I chuckled softly, shrugging.

“I dunno,” I sighed, “You look so…amazed….by my breasts.”

A slow grin plastered itself over his features. “Well, they’re pretty fucking amazing.”

I smiled smugly. “Why thank you.”

He raised an eyebrow, turning his gaze back to my assets, his palm cupping one. He ran his thumb across my nipple gently, watching curiously as I moaned in reaction.

“Are they real?”

My head snapped up in shock, my hand slapping his arm instinctively. “Hey!”

He sniggered childishly, and I realised that he’d simply been teasing, fishing for a reaction.

“Feisty one, you are,” he groaned, biting his lip.

I smiled hazily, tangling my hand in the curls on the back of his head as I pushed him gently in the direction I wanted him, willing his lips to do what his fingers were doing a moment ago. “There’s a lot more where that came from, believe me Styles…”

His mouth worked slowly over my warm skin, taking his time as he moved down my body, a clammy sweat breaking out on my forehead, my stomach somersaulting as he moved lower…lower…his tongue skimming my thighs, his thumbs hooking in the band of my thong, slipping it down my legs excruciatingly slowly.

He pressed his fingertips to me, his touch feather light, teasing my senses. He played around the place I need him most for a few more seconds – seconds that felt like hours – before his tongue oppressed itself gently onto my clit, his technique worthy of every single award. He teased me senseless, licking, swirling, sucking, savouring every moan and soft squeal of his name.

When he stopped, it was too soon. I whimpered in protest, palming his chest as he kneeled between my legs, undoing the button of his pants and kicking them off in one smooth move, leaving me mesmerized by the sight of the large, solid bulge in his boxers.

I gulped as he straightened up, his gaze caught with mine, his eyes so intense they made my heart bleed. His fingers peeled back the clinging material, pushing them down his legs, flinging them to the floor. A smile tugged at the edge of his lips in satisfaction as my gaze stuck helplessly to his rock hard length, now revealed in all its glory.

“Do you want me?” he murmured, his muscular arms planting on either side of my body as he crawled upwards until his heavenly face hovered above mine. His silky, warm breath laced with alcohol washed over my face while his lips collided roughly with mine once again, his big hands hitching one leg over his hips. All I could manage as a reply was a dulcet moan into his mouth, my fingers palming his back.

“You ready, baby?” he whispered hotly. His tip pushed against me, and I whimpered once again, over powered by need for him.

“Yes, Styles.” I moan. And I don’t know why I want this now but I really wanted him. Right here, right now.
He smiled cockily. I cried out breathlessly as his tip nudged into me. He buried his head in the crook of my neck, murmuring his words between gasps as he built up a rhythm.



“Call me.”



He pushed his entire length in, pausing for what felt like hours, waiting for me to adjust, before pulling out hastily, my breath catching in my throat.

“My name.”

He pushed in again, his thrusts becoming faster, steadier, harder.

“Is Harry.”

I tightened the grip of my hips around his, wanting him deeper still, panting as he kept up his steady movements, and I was unable to reply with anything other than an unintelligible moan.

He chuckled against my skin and I felt him speeding up a little, crashing into me again and again.

Say it,” he mumbled hotly against my neck, pressing a damp little kiss to my throat.

Harry,” I cried weakly, digging my fingers into his back, hot ripples of pleasure washing through my body, making me tremble and writhe in his arms as he kept his pace. “Fuck, Harry…”

“Louder,” he growled, pulling away from my neck, leaning his arms on either side of my head as he hovered above me, his manly groans doing great things to me. “Harry,” I cried out loudly, becoming more turned on by the minute as I watched his biceps flex on either side of my body, his broad shoulders tensing with every thrust, his curls hanging loosely from his scalp. He leaned in to press a shaky kiss to my lips, resting his damp forehead to mine, our noses touching softly.

“More, Harry, please…” I pleaded, clutching fistfuls of the silken sheets in my hands as he continued to slam into me.

He smirked evilly, leaning up so his frame didn’t hover quite so closely over mine, never removing himself from me, as he unwrapped my legs from around his waist, pushing my knees into my chest, leaning into the position so his toned torso pressed hard into the back of my thighs, my knees bent over his broad shoulders, my ankles crossed behind his head.

“Better?” he questioned darkly, his fingers digging into my thighs as he fastened his pace.
I battled for air as his thrusts came so much deeper now, hitting me in all the right spots. It was all I could manage to let my head lull back, a high pitched squeal of pleasure that I couldn’t control emitting from my throat.

He chuckled. “Guess that’s a yes then…”

I nodded weakly, my fingernails digging into his huge arms as my screams became increasingly louder, louder, so loud that I was positive the entire city could hear me screaming out for Harry as my orgasm neared, my stomach tingling with the all familiar feeling, uncomfortable hot waves of pleasure surging through every inch of my body. I could tell he was close too, as his breaths turned to heaves, his brow furrowing, his amazing body glistening with sweat. He brought his hand between my legs, rubbing his palm over my clit relentlessly, causing me to squirm beneath him, my body becoming restless.

“Come on, baby, come for me…” he said urgently, gritting his teeth against his own orgasm as he begged me to ride out my own.

“I’m so close,” I squeaked, tangling my fingers in his curls as I pulled his head towards me, his warm breath rushing over my face.

“Then just let it take control,” he murmured, pressing his lips to mine, sending me flying over the edge. I struggled to cry out his name, my fingers digging harshly into his skin, intense waves of indescribable pleasure surging through me. He didn’t take long to follow suit, his brow furrowing as he groaned out obscenities, his movements becoming sloppy and lazy quickly.

He collapsed on top of me, both of us panting, our bodies sticky and exhausted. A few moments passed; the cool covers sliding up to cover us, his lips soothing over my skin silently, a whisper in my ear before I fell asleep, content.

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