Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


42. Chapter Forty-Two

It was me and Harry's first night here in the island together. When we reach our room, we quickly peeled our clothes off and took a shower together. Harry places some shampoo on my hair and I did the same to him. When we were halfway done, Harry starts to kiss on my neck and nibble on my ear lobe. I moan and faced him and he kissed me on the lips, backing me up against the wall.

He pinned me between his hips and he sucks in my neck. I clutched on to his hair, behind his head and I moan. Suddenly, Harry carries me toward outside and slowly throws me on the bed. I laugh and cringe at the feeling of still being went on the bed but soon later didn't mind when he kissed me again. He goes down, sucking on each nipple then descended to my navel and finally landed on my clit. I arch my back and thrusted my hips to his face and he grabs my hips and grips them hard.

When I felt myself clenching, he inserts two fingers and pumps them in and out of me in a fast pace and I shout his name before I cum all over his face. He licks them away with a smile and I push him with all my strength so I was on top and licked his tip. He groans and grabs my hair and pulls it and with the pain, I manage to take him all in without using my hand. I kept bobbing my head up and down and when I grazed my teeth, I felt him twitch and he slowly pours out while I suck it.

I push my hair off my face and when our eyes met, Harry pulls out a condom under the pillow and I laugh at how ready he was. He places it on himelf and I steady myself on top of him. This was a rare occasion where I was in charge so I was really excited. I played with his tip with my clit, and when it was wet enough, I slowly inserted himself on me and I groan, waiting for me to adjust. When I was ready, I started bouncing up and down as Harry grips on my hips.

"You know," I say in between breaths. "This reminds me of Breaking Dawn."

He nods in agreement. "Well, yeah, but I'll probably fuck harder than Edward." he states as he pushed himself up, so that he was back on top. He places both of my legs on his shoulders and went in and out of me slowly. I shudder at the pleasure and pushed him closer whenever he went back in. He gets the idea so he goes faster and faster. I felt the same feeling coming back that my walls tighten and Harry rubs my clit with his index finger.

"Harry, fuck!" I shout as he gave me all kinds of pleasure. He smirks and continue his fast pace and I cum all over his dick. He gave me a few more thrusts before it became sloppy and he just stops while I felt his juice pouring out to the condom.

Harrry stays on top of me for a few minutes before he regained his strength to stand up and throw his used condom on the bin. When he was done, he wore his boxers and he threw his white shirt to me while I slither on to it.

When he comes back to the bed, he skims his hand up and down my thigh and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Goodnight, beautiful."

I woke up with the feeling of something soft hit my nose and I open my eyes to see feathers everywhere. When I looked to my left, the pillows were ripped apart and Harry was no where in sight. I silently laugh. He took the Breaking Dawn shit seriously.

When I stood up, I head to the bathroom to fix my hair and when I went out, I saw Harry sitting on the bed, smiling. "Hey." he says.

"Hey," I answer back. I walk toward him and sat on his lap while he played with my hair. "You wasted a lot of pillows, Harry."

He laughs. "Well, I'm a vampire after all."

I laugh harder and stood up and checked my luggage to find anything that we could do today. In the far most corner, I found a pack of hair dye and I brought it out and shook it for Harry to hear.

When he heard it, he turned to my direction and smiled. I gave him a smile back and we ran to the bathroom looking for the most possible equipment for dip dye.

Hours has passed and I looked over at the mirror to admire the rainbow dip dye Harry did for me.

"Wow, Harry. You are such an expert in this." I say as I looked over at my back to admire my newly dip dyed hair.

"Turn around. I need to show the fans my artwork." he says. I did what he told me to and sat down on a chair. I ruffle my hair a bit to add awesomeness and I hear a click after Harry takes a picture.

I walk back to him and watched as he writes down his caption:  Dip dyed Holly's hair. Best artwork EVER. xx

After he posts it, we ran toward the kitchen to eat some food. Boy, we were starving.
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