Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


40. Chapter Forty

"Holly, Holly, wake up, wake up." Harry says.

"Go away, leave me alone." I grumble covering my face with the pillow.

"Fine then." Harry says. I thought he left the room but instead, he carries me across his shoulder and brought me outside where I can see the ocean. When I looked up, I saw a very beautiful sunrise. "Happy Valentines Day." Harry whispers in my ear.

I stared at the sun rise with amazement before I kissed him. "Thanks, Harry. I really appreciate it but you don't have to go all through this trouble to show me a sunrise for Valentines Day."

He shakes his head. "The sunrise was just a greeting.We haven't arrived yet, Holly." he says.

I smile. "Sure thing, mister." I kissed him on the cheek and he leads me toward the table where there was food. He pulled a chair for me and I sat down. "So, this is what you do to girls, huh?" I ask, raising my eye brow.

"Only to you." he answers, smiling. He took a seat beside me and placed a pancake on my plate. We ate together and talked a lot. I was actually enjoying our trip, I was really happy. When we were done, we went back to our room and watched episodes of Glee.

A few hours later, the butler knocked in our room and told us we were finally in our destination. I was a bit nervous to leave the room but I had too. Harry placed his hands on my eyes and all I could see was black. I took a few steps forward and when I stopped Harry counted to three before he removed his hands and I saw the best destination I have ever went to.

"You rented an island?" I ask, shocked and happy at the same time.

He nods, a big smile on his face. "You like it?"

"Like it? I love it!" I say. I jumped on him and I gave him the tightest hug I've ever done.

"Holly, I can't breathe." he stutters. I pulled back and just stared at the island.

"Is it just us?" I ask.

"I wanted to. But they wouldn't allow. So, instead, I paid them higher to leave us just three people instead of thirty."

I crinkle my nose. "That's alright. Let's go!" I ran back inside and grabbed my bags and went outside, my feet touching the sand. I had a hard time rolling my luggage on the sand and Harry comes from behind and carries it for me. We went straight to the house and I looked around. The kitchen was amazing, there were loads of foods, the living room was fabolous and the bed room was peaceful and calming.

Harry watched me roam around the house and when I had enough, I went to my luggage and looked for slippers and a bathing suit the girls packed. I changed into a weird kind of bathing suit and wore a tunic cover up on top of it. I changed my sandals into my Havaianas and wore my shades. I messily braided my hair and Harry watched me. ( )

"You are seducing me, you know that?" he asks. I laugh and noticed that he also changed into shorts and I went outside the house to see palm trees and birds everywhere. I continue to walk and stopped when I saw a hammock. I ran to it and sat down.

Harry sits down beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He noticed our feet were dangling in the air so he pulls his phone out and takes a picture. He posts it on Twitter and Instagram and the caption was: Finally in destination with @ImHollySummers!

I smile and I pulled my phone out too. "Smile." I say and he kisses my cheek, last minute. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram and the caption was: Loving @HarryStyles Valentines gift! :*

We both laugh at the rude comments and just ignored it. Suddenly, Harry stands up and pulls me with him. He removed my tunic and carried me bridal style toward the water and drops me. I scream with shock and happiness and I splashed him with water too. He grunts and tries to run away but I jumped on him from behind and we both crash in the water. We continue to play until our faces were only inches apart and he leans in, kissing me.

This was the best Valentines ever.

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