Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


4. The Suprise!!

While me and Keaton were upstairs in my room waiting for them we watched all of the Scary Movies. There so stupid but so fucking funny and werid at the same time.So, as me and him stayed up there for about 2 1/2 hours we got through a lot of movies. Well, me and Keaton called Wesley and I said Hey, Welsey in a girly voice are you guys home because, I see all of your cars. he said no were not home y. Keaton said hey I'm gonna text you hold on for one minute. So, I texted Wesley and said Hey, are you guys throwing Keaton a suprise party tonight or no?? Yeah we are but don't tell him we want it to be a suprise ok Sirena I will love you with all of my heart if you don't tell him ok thx bye love ya!!

So,I was right their throwing one for Keaton and Wesley text me again and said get ready in about 10-20 minutes ok thx.So we got ready and went downsatirs and I said are you ready babe. He said no not yet and he then came down on his phone already.

Keaton's P.O.V.

OMG their throwing a suprise party for Sirena tonight oh damn and she got dressed up to with the dress I bought her adn it looked exactly like this.

she had shoes to match so I just whore a nice white long sleeved shirt and a pair of black dress pants and my converse. Well, I was happy that we were both dressed up so me and Sirena went out and they all yelled suprise even fans were there. Some of sirena's friends from school were there. But, then a guy came up to Sirena and said hey came ask you something. She said yeah and they walked into the house and went into Sirena's room .

" Hey Sirena I have a question do you like me??' Adam asked me.

"Yeah I do but I have a boyfriend." I answered him.

" Oh well can we have just this one night to me and you and have fun for thes couple of minutes?" he asked.

" Yeah we can but just kissing nothing other then that." I told him.

" ok " he said.

So, me and Adam started to kiss and then he started to undress but I said no Adam no. But, he just took off his shirt and I just couldn't stop staring. So, took off my shoes and he took off his and then I took off his pants. But, we stopped there because, me and Keaton have it with each other and only me and Wesley did it with each other once because, me and him were drunk that night. Then, Adam started to kiss my neck and he almost gave me a hicky but I stopped him from doing it to me. Adam just wouldn't stop doing it to me. So, I said ok Adam you can make out with me and you can make me feel uncomfortable but can not give me a hicky or have sex with me either. Adam was sad but I let him just put his dick inside of my just for about 20-40-60 minutes to make him feel happy but we had to use a condom I told him. He said ok well then lets get started with it and then go back to the party quickly and have a lot of more fun down there. Oh yeah I asked him and I said do u like me because, I am a girlfriend of a famous person or no. I thought that you loved me just because of that not because, of anything else or how you felt or thought about me ever since 1st grade.

He said to me I loved you ever since 1st grade well ever since i've layed eyes on you and if you think I'm lying then ask John and Rusty and Eddie and JErimiah because, you know what I've loved you for my whole life and I would never want you to leave me unless I die than I will be fine with it because, I've passed away from something. So, I hope that you will like me for me not for something or someone else. I didn't know what to say but, all I said was I will have to think about it but can you send John adn Rusty and Eddie up here well only John for now thx Adam love you forever!! He went back down and John came upstairs with his pretty blue eyes and his nice shirt and pants on that he had wore to school on dress up like a teacher day for school. When I was laying on my bed like I was crying or something he was asking me are you ok and Sirena why are u crying. So, I answered him and I said "oh no I'm just laying here cause I thought that you were someone else." "oh no I thought that you were crying because, of the way that you were laying down on the bed. So, wats up , Adam said that you wanted me."

"Yeah I did um does Adam like me for me or is he drunk." I asked John.

"Oh no he really loves you but I actually am really madly in love with you Sirena." John explained to me.

"Wait what but I thought that you liked Aisha??"

"No, Sirena I only said that because, I was afraid of telling my friends who I really Liked because, I thought that they would have laughed at me just because, you aren't really that cool in school like Aisha is."

"Aisha isn't cool she just acts like she is even though she really isn't and plus I know that I'm not cool satop Rubbing it in my faceeeeee!!" I cried to John.

"OK ok it's ok I'm so sorry. I didn't know that it was that affective to you."

" I know I love..."

I cut him off by kissing him on the lips because, I've liked him for about 2nd-5th grade in grammer school but I've known and I've liked Adam longer!! Then, I stopped kissing him and then he came right back and he kissed me back and he said "you know that I've always wanted to do that to you when we or if we ever had gotten alone together." I said the same thing him.

"Well I didnt know that you liked me like that." I explained to John.

Then we started to make out and we didnt stop until we saw Eddie and Rusty come by the door and we stopped because, they went right back to the door but we were just then sitting there staring at each other like we were doing a staring contest or something with each other. When, they came in and said to me "Sirena did you want us??" I told them that all I need is one person and that one person is between John, Adam and you Rusty. But, John and Eddie can you go downstairs and get Adam and then in like 5minutes or 10 can you and Adam come up just you John and Adam ok Eddie I'll talk to you later.

"OK." Eddie said and then they went back downstairs. But, me and Rusty just started to make out because, Ic wanted to see who was better and I didn't know who to chose either Adam, JOhn, or Rusty. So, I made out with 2 and I almost had full sex with the other 1. So, when I finished making out with Rusty, Adam, and John came in the room and I had to chose between John, Rusty, Adma, adn Keaton because, Keaton is my recent boyfriend but if me and him breakup and I want one of them I can have them as backup. They all came in at once.

"So, I need to chose between all 3 of you guys , and it's really hard becausem I loved you all ever since I've first met you and layed eyes on you ." " But I can only have one of you if me and my boyfriend, Keaton ever breakup." "The one that I have chosen is Rusty ,Rusty I love you and all but when we kiss there's just not sparks and when I see you I don't get butterflies sorry Rusty but can you go back to the party outside thank you."

"Now, for the really hard part Adam I loved you ever since I've layed eyes on you but if you keep on checking out other girls me and you are gonna have a probleming dating each other. And John I love you like a brother if we hung out more but they way that you were talking to me was really sweet and it made me feel real good that someone other than my boyfriend loved me."

"I have to choose< one of you right now, and the guy I choose is Adam."

"YESSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" Adam just kept on saying.

" JOhn I love you but the way you were talking to me seemed like you wanted me to pick you and it didn't seem like you really wanted to be my boyfriend sorry John but your gonna have to leave and go back to the party now love you bro!!"

"It's ok Sirena I'll always love you and I will never stop until my heart finds someone new meaning when I'm in heaven." John explained sadly but happily.

"Adam come here so I can kiss you on the cheek." I yelled.

" Sirena can I speak to you for like 1 hour or 50 minutes pleasee??" Wesley said like out of nowhere when he was by my door.

"Yeah sure Wesley wats up??" I asked him.

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