Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


19. Telling Austin the whole conversation!!

Sirena's POV

hey austin can i tell u something that Justin asked me for his birthday?? I asked him.

sure what did he ask you for his birthday! what was it oh will u marry me then thats just weird and plus if he did ask u i know that u/would probably say actually i dont knkw what u/woukd say anyways what did he ask u. austin said weirdly. 

actually Austin that is what he askex me and i said yes. but he only meant for his birthday day. and i told him that if u dont want me to do it then we cant do it because Austin is my lover and i also told him that ill find him someone to love and to hold forever and ever. just ti make sure can we do it or can we not do it for his birthday because i want to tell him now before he gets even more upset over it of what u said. i explained the whole question and my whole answer to him.

oh well Sirena i really dont want you to do this but if u think that Justin will be happy then yez. but if he wants to have sex with u then nope srry. but i actually i dont want u to do this so im sahing no because i know Justin all hes gonna want to xo to u ask his wife and have sex with u/and just make love all day and all night and i dont want my baby to go through that and i mean i dont care if u talk to him and make him feel better on his birthday by giving him a kiss ont

he cheek thats fine but having sex with him is no and i can only have sex with u because ur my girlfriend and ur my only girlfriend that i have had and loved for the first time and i mean the very first time in my whole entire life. i love you Sirena. Austin was so very detailed. 

ok then im not gonna do it because i never even though of the sex part and now it all adds up to him likeing me and wanting to get into my pants even since we first met. i mean since we first met. like in the limo or the car and whatever. thx Austin love you to. bye. i quickly said and went and told Justin that we couldnt do the marrying thing because Austin is my boyfriend and he doesnt want to see me getting hurt by his friend or well his best friend. 

i needed one of my girlfriends that ive known since kindergarten. so i called Amber and i went to her room to talk to her and only her. i had to ask her abkut Austin and Justin. I/went in her room and asked the first question about Austin. 

You know how Austin loves me and all/well do u think Justin is in love with me tooo?

Do u think Justin/wants to get into my pants by the way he loooks at me?

What should I do should I stay/with Austin go with Justin or just keep myself with Austin because he loves me to/much and im pretty much like his first love what shoukd I do?????????? I asked all in a oanic 

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