Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


3. Having Fun!!

  Well ever since that day of me and Justin getting shot I had to forget about it so we all went out to the fair so that we could have fun. After we woke up we had a movie night in and then we went to the fair. Well I walked between Welsey and Justin my two best friends and I kissed both of them. But Keaton was my boyfriend I only kissed them both because if the One Less Lonely Girl for Judton and Wesley I was the Girl Next Door to him. So I thought that they thought I was their girlfriends or something but they should know by now that me and Keton are dating. I stopped everyone from walking because I fell down and couldn't get back up and I think it was my arm. I didn't know what it was and I couldn't stand so Keaton took me and put me on his shoulders and we went home. When we got home it was around 12:30 almost 1:00. Keaton brought me up to his room and we later in his bed since we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Me and Keaton were actually faking it all because when I fell on the floor I pretended that I almost passed out and nobody saw the smirk on my face except for Keaton anyways. Then, me and Keaton had a little bit of fun in bed. Keaton started to kiss me on the lips and then web down to my neck. Then, I took off his short to reveal his smoking hot abs. He slipped off his pants and he took off my shirt. After that was my pants. But then my panties and Keaton's boxers came off. O me and Keaton started to kiss again but this time Keaton went down to my area. So me and Keaton had sex that night.

    After that night was over. I woke up and next to me naked was Wesley. OMGG I said to myself I had sex with Wesley not Keaton.

"Hey Wesley wake the fuck up!!" I yelled at him.

"What babe what??" Wesley answered.

"You know what Wesley!!" I said to him.

"No really what ,wait Sirena y r u in my bed??" Wesley said"wait did we??"

"Yeah we did!!" I exclaimed.

"Fucking shit what am I gonna tell Keaton."

"What am I gonna tell wait I don't need to tell anyone anything."

So me and Wesley went downstairs separate times. I went down first. Then I went by everyone and said did u hear anything last night. And they all said was no.well here comes my sex buddy from last night I said to myself out loud. Then everyone was like wait what. I said to them all, "no I'm just kidding."

Keaton asked me to come in the other room with him. So I said to him y and he just said come on.

"Did u and Wesley have sex last night??"Keaton asked me.

"Noooo y!!" I answered.

"Just wondering!!"he said.

"oh ok!!" I told him.


So we went back to the table for breakfast. Well when we went back everyone had disappeared. I don't know where they all went. When, they weren't there we went outside to see if their cars were there but they weren't. So, I called Wesley and I texted Drew and I was like where are you guys.

Wesley and Drew text me and said we went somewhere but I don't know where everyone else went. I text them back and said ok I'll text everyone else. Keaton just went to the back and saw Amber,Justin and Austin there and they had a plan on a blue print and it looked like it was for my birthday or Keaton's I don't who's though.While they were out there we locked the doors and we went upstairs and went into Keaton's room and locked everything. I was like Keaton why are we upstairs in your room all locked up in your bedroom. He just stopped me before I said anything else to him by kissing me on the lips so that I would stop talking and wondering what they were planning.

But, me and Keaton just started to make out and then he just through me onto the bed and he just kept on doing that until we started to undress. What I mean is that Keaton undressed me and I just took off all of his clothes I did that because, he said to me do u really love me and I said yes of course y. He just said oh ok then I was just making sure you still loved me as much as i love you. So, when we were done we just layed in his bed until we heard people knocking on the doors downstairs for us to go down and let them inside of the house. Keaton just kept on asking me silly questions like for instinse " do u love someone else?" "Do Did you do this with someone else?" and the last one was " Did enjoy having this experience with me or with someone else?". So I just kept on saying "Keaton,I love you and only you , and No I never ever did this with anyone else besides you." We finished with that conversation and we got changed into new clothes anyways so that nobody would know what did when they weren't here in the house with us.

After, we got changed we unlocked everything except for the front door because, we were all home alone.Well, then we heard knocking and we thought where did they go or what were they doing with each other all of their cars weren't there except for Keaton's and Austin's. I texted Austin and I said "Hey where are you guys??" He answered like 5minutes later and he said "we went out to do something really quickly." "Ok " I said.

So, me and Keaton just sat down and then we went upstairs to my room and we watched a movie and most of the time we made out. Well, I went to the window and waited for them to come back. I saw them they came back with birthday stuff so I was like wait it's my birthday and then Keaton's is 2 months later so who's birthday party are they throwing for whom is it going to be me or Keaton?? Well, I told Keaton I said let's just stay up here for now because, they have got birthday supplies for a party for one of us but, I just don't know who it is if it's me or it's you? So, let's just stay up here and wait because I think that their doing the suprise party outside.Let's watch a scary movie and wait for them to come up and get us or something.




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