Belirectioner & Embhomie Love Story!!

This story is all about me and my friend Amber in the summer time. We were swimming in the pool and there was thi bakck limo outside so we went inside once we started to move u saw the people that were inside and it was my favorite singers. I was so happy but I passed out thts how happy I was!! So if u want to find out what happens then just read the story to figure it out!!


17. Day After!!

I was so suprised that everyone kept it a secret but it's done now because I have a suprise coming up for Austin for his birthday but nobody's going to know until like April 2 so that we can get everything ready and just be thankful and happy that it will work. So, the only person that knows is Niall because, Niall won't tell cause, he loves me and he won't break me and Austin apart that easily because, I love both of them but Austin's all mine so yeah. Well, since I'm telling you all this let me just talk to NIall and say to him everything that is gooing down on April 4,2014.

"Hey Niall can u come up here I have to tell u something really important??" I yelled from upstairs to have Niall proceed to my bedroom door.

"Hey wats up what do u have to tell me??" He questioned me in a sexy way. I was literally melting when he said that.

" You can't tell anyone especially Austin ok!?"


"U know how Austin's birthday is on April4 right. Well, I'm gonna throw him a suprise party but u have to keep it a secret because, all I really know is that I'm gonna have it at the house so were gonna go and do something on the third and then on the fourth the party were gonna go out shopping and pick stuff out for the party and just casual like a nice t-shirt and a awesome pair of jeans. Afterwards, we will go a hotel and get ready at like around 1:30 because, it's gonna be a night party but when all of the boose out meaning the drinks. ok. but, if anyone sees us brining anyhting in the house that night make sure u tell them that it's just for a party for our mom and dads. Well, their u have it so u beter not tell cause if u do I will hunt u down Niall James Horan and u will not see the next day of sunlight and laughter. Love Ya Boo. Niall r u sleeping on my bed whatever!!!!!!"

Since Niall fell asleep on my bed I kissed him lightly on the lips so that he would wake up[ because, I know that it's his sdream to just kiss me so I kissed him because, I always wanted to kiss him to well have a make-out session with him anyways because, we both like each other but he doesn't know that I have feelings for him I only know that he has feelings for me!! Then, he woke up and he was like what the fuck and I just kep[t on kissing him because, I loved the way he looked when he said what the fuck. But, whenI stopped he looked at me in a weird way just because, I kept on kissing him. So, I stopped and said le's get out of Sirena's room before she comes in.I was just pretending to be a different girl so that he wouldn't think it was me because, it was dark in my room so. Niall left my room and then I shut the door and changed my clothes because, I didn't want him to know but I left on the same pants just changed my shirt and my hair. So, me and NIall finally had out wishh come true because, we both loved and enjoyed it just from the way I knew it was him but he didn't know it was me he just thinks that it was someone else so yeah I'm good at this game of playing different girls oh hell yeah. I'm so fucking good at it .

Anyways, I went downstairs and sat on Austin's lap but then he lifted me up and he brought me upstairs and when he did that I was so happy then he placed me down on his bed and he started to jump on top of me and to make out with me so when he started that he stopped and asked me if I ever had aboyfriend adn I told him yeah adn he asked me who and I told him I don't remember I just know that me and u r together forever now. So, now since we started again I flipped him on the bottom and I went on the top of him. I took off my shirt and he started to unclasp my bra and when he did Niall knocked on the door and said can I comein and I said no sorry me and Austin r in here right now do something very important. Oh ok ur doing it okI'm good but I could tell him bout our secret if u don't let me in. OMG come in god damn it. What do u want I was just about to tell him something.Oh I just wanted to ask u something about the party we're having next week do u guys want more than one thing like do u ant 20 different drinks 40 different drinks what do u want?? We want to have 40 different drinks ok so now go out and lock the door behind ya. Ok bye now have fun.

Then, me and AUstin went to continue until AUstin didn't he asked me what swecret do u guys have that ur keeping from me. Nothing it's just what he says now since I told him that I didn't like him even though he still likes me and he tries to see me naked sometimes but ur good because, he never will unless it's when I'm in my bikini swimmming then that's different but that's all the skin he will see. Now, where we're we.

So ,I took off my bra and we started to get naked.Afterwards when we we're naked. Austin got up and took off his boxers when he did I melted by the way he did it. Anyways, if you r not over 16 then do not read this next part of the story.

THen, he revealed his penis and I started to suck it and it tasted so good in my mouth and when I said that out loud Austin moaned because, he saw that I was stroking his dick nice and easy.But, then when I started to suck it and stroke it at thesame time he started to just make faces and start to get more and more horny. So, he stopped me put me into doggy style possision and he siad r u ready. I said hell yeah baby put it inside of me right now u fucking bitch. I siad that cause me and him we're both so horny. Austin then took his condom dick right inside of me for the moment of my lifde ven though we already did it like 3-4 times alreayd maybe more. When, he put it in he went slow and the he started to go faster and faster by the second. I just kept on saying to him fuck me hard oh yeah Austin oh my god I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum.After I finally cummed I took Austin's dick and started to lick all of my cumm off of it and THen I started tostroke it fast and on high speed and when I did he cummed all over my face and when he finished cumming on my face and in my mouth I swallowed it and then we just layed down. We, then went in the shower and we made out while we were washing each other off. BUt, me and Austin just fucked again and it felt so fucking good inside of my pussy lips.

WHen, we got out I sucked his dick one last time and we got changed into the same clothes and we went back downstairs and everyone was just looking at us like we did something wrong. THen, Niall said I thought u were mine since u kissed me this morning. Then, all the other guys said wait a minute I thought u said u loved me. I answered them all with I do love u guys but AUstin's my boyfriend I would fuck any of u unless u were my boyfriend and plus I would never kiss u people evn if it was my wedding day and I was saying good bye to u. THen, I woke up and it was just a dream but the sex with Autsin wasn't so I was perfectly fine.

So, SIrena About my Birthday!! Justin said in a sexy tone.

" what about ur birthday??"

Will u ...............

*what do u think JUstin will say to Sirena??

Will Sirena say yes or no??

What will Austin's reaction be?

Comment on the story for what u think JUstin's gonna say to Sirena and what Austin's reaction is going to be. But, especially what Sirena's answer in going to be towards Justin and Austin*

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