Summer just stared, Molly and her 4 best friends, Zoie, Bailey, Allison, and Maddie went 2 a 1D concert and met the boys, Molly was already seeing Justin Briber and had been together for 4 weeks already but when her big brown eyes meet Harry's she falls in love again and is lost. Will Molly be with Harry Styles or Justin Briber?


2. The 1D concert

*****not part of the chapter*******

ok so y'all no the girls and how I do the pov thing well it got annoying 2 me so I'm going 2 try something new ok so don't be confused. Luv yall


hey umm I'm going 2 go use the bathroom ill be right back

-the girls 

ok don't be 2 long it's bout 2 start

molly walks around looking for a bathroom when all of sudden BAM she gets hit in the head with a door and falls 2 the ground, OMG I'm sorry she hears a  British accent and lifts her head and sees Harry Styles looking down at her, he helps her up and she thanks him and was about 2 kiss him when a sound made them pull apart real fast, that's my que he says and walks away Molly walks back 2 her friends and Harry and Molly stare into each others eyes the whole concert 

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