Summer just stared, Molly and her 4 best friends, Zoie, Bailey, Allison, and Maddie went 2 a 1D concert and met the boys, Molly was already seeing Justin Briber and had been together for 4 weeks already but when her big brown eyes meet Harry's she falls in love again and is lost. Will Molly be with Harry Styles or Justin Briber?


4. It's over

As the girls walked away in silence they walk 2 the car and on their way over 2 the car the see Justin, Molly's boyfriend kissing another girl!


Justin what the f**k r u doing kissing another girl And not just any girl SEALANA

Justin- Molly it's not what it looks like

Molly- WHAT ur f**king making out with ur ex girlfriend! WE'RE THREW

Justin- Molly wait

Molly and her friends walk off in silence not knowing 2 say I told u so or it's gonna be ok, as they walk 2 the car a tear rolls down Molly's check.

 Allison,Zoie,Baliey,and Maddie-

Molly it's ok he was a jerk anyways don't think about just look on the bright side, Harry Styles is still free


U guys r crazy 


Just sayin u guys could be Holly or Marry


yea but me and Zoie like Holly


well me and Bailey like Marry


girls, I'm not even dating him yet and I don't know if I'm going 2 if u haven't notice i just got out of a relationship,remember Hay or Jolly 


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