A Bit of Both

Some people can probably relate to me, from being their name is Alana, or, they are fourteen years old, and even that their parents are divorced and they are constantly switching back and forth, back and forth, from one house to the other one, and back to the one before and... yes.
But, I don't think you'll be able to relate to a more personal situation I'm currently stuck in.
Since my parents live in separate places, a good way away form each other, there are bound to be different people in the two places, right?
That's the problem.
There's romantic, understanding Evan down opposite my mums cottage in Brighton, by the coast, and good looking, caring Liam in the flat above my dads, in busy London.
And, because I'm me, I've fallen for them.


5. I giggled and ate like a baby.

   He casually walked in, a denim rucksack containing his clothes and such, swinging loosely in his muscular arm. He flung himself down upon our sofa and then let out a content, irritating sigh.

I crossed my arms, annoyed, and stared at him. Liam turned to look at me and shrugged, "What's the matter Princess? Your dad said I could make myself at home!"

"Yeah, well... I live here and... I sit on the couch and.... well..." I stumbled defensively, causing Liam to chuckled. He patted the space beside him after he scrolled through his phone. I turned on my heels and walked to my room, appearing huffy, but I was really going to check I still looked okay.

I gave my hair an unneeded brush and applied another coat of lipstick before heading back out to the living room, where Liam was flicking through a takeaway leaflet.

He sent me a heart melting smile as I sat next to him, and said, "Ah, come to sit next to your old play buddy them hmm Princess?" I rolled my eyes, to which he laughed, and leaned towards me, the leaflet displayed in his dark hands.

"What shall we order?" He asked, giving the three pages careless glances, waiting for me to say something. "Well, I'll have the..." I began. Think Alana, think! If you order the lovely double cheese burger and chips, and a large coke with onion rings meal deal, he'll think you're a pig! Order the salad Alana! Order that salad!

"I'll have the salad I guess, and some water?" I replied. He snorted and shook his head, smiling at me rather oddly. He picked up the phone and dialled the take away mans number, and spoke, "Hello, can I have two of the double cheese burger and chips, large coke and onion rings meal deal please? Thanks, bye!"

"How did you know?" I whined, drawing out the 'o' in the word 'know' and poking him, defeated. Liam just winked and leaned back into the sofa, looking at my face intently.

I looked down and played awkwardly with the ripped fabric on the sofa.

"You're really pretty, Princess..." Liam almost whispered after a while of silence. Liam just called me pretty? Nah... He didn't.

We gazed at each other, and for a second, I think he was about to lean in and kiss me, he looked so focused, but the door bell rang and he jumped up reluctantly to get it. He came back in with the take away and set it down on the couch, as he grabbed a purple quilt lying lazily on the back of the sofa. He laid it down and set out the food on it, leaving two spaces for cushions, next to each other, like a picnic.

I grinned and he grinned back, pleased I liked it. Without talking, we both sat down and for five minutes before opening the trays of food, we watched the telly, unsure of what to do.

I broke the silence by saying, "This is great Li,"

He smiled at his nick name and took a bite out of his burger. For twenty minutes, I hadn't taken a bit out of my food, so Li decided to grab it, and feed me.

I giggled and ate like a baby.

He had picked up a chip, and leaned in closer than usual to give it to me. The chip lingered near my lips, but didn't touch them. We were again, gazing at each other, and I could feel his warm breathe on my face, just slightly.

As much as I know this is wrong, liking Evan and Liam, and nearly kissing Liam even though we had only just met properly, what, two days ago, but it felt right too.

Liam and I were still close, and confusion was dancing in my eyes, whilst in his, was something I couldn't define.

Our foreheads were touching and his hand was loosely round my waist. Hmm...

And then he did it. He kissed me. Not full on snogging, of course, but none the less, it was a kiss. A soft, caring kiss. I closed my eyes, but my thoughts trailed to Evan, kissing me. I controlled my thoughts, and smiled into the kiss, knowing I was wrong to do it, but still.

I pulled away, looking down, smiling. Liam gathered up the food and containers and binned them, before sitting back down with me. The clock read midnight.

Yawning, I stretched my arms out, and softly said, "Carry me to the sofa?" Liam smiled and sat my up on the sofa, grabbing a woollen blanket and then sitting down close next to me.

I yawned again, and lay my head down on Liam's lap, shuffling around only slightly, getting comfy. He lay the blanket over me, and hummed a soft tune, whilst stroking my hair gently.

I kissed Liam tonight.

I fell asleep on Liam's lap tonight.

I like Liam and Evan, but Liam more, because he kissed me tonight.

Maybe I should shut Evan out instead? Nah, just for the weekend... ?


But seriously, his lap is too comfy. I could get used to this.

"I bet you could princess," mumbled Liam, amused. Oh crapola! Did I say that out loud. I groaned and he played with my hair, letting me fall into a peaceful sleep, inhaling his musky cologne, awaiting tomorrow.

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