Riddles I found

These are some riddles i found on the Internet and I wanted you guys to figure them out! I DO NOT OWN THESE I JUST WANT YOU TO FIGURE THEM OUT!!!!

Enjoy :)


4. Part 4

I really miss my sister. I’m 8 years old and my sister is 12. Ever since I can remember, our family has always been poor. My sister and I had to wear the same clothes every day and the kids at school used to make fun of us. Last year, my sister ran away from home. Even though we shared a bedroom, she never warned me she was going to leave. If I’d known, I probably would have begged her to take me with her. When I woke up in the morning, my mother told me my sister was gone. My parents said they are still searching for her, but I don’t think they’re putting in a lot of effort.

Not long after that, my parents won the lottery. My mom said she found the winning ticket in a dumpster. When I saw all the money in the briefcase, I thought our problems were over. I was wrong. My parents immediately went on a spending spree. My dad bought himself a new car and a big TV. My mom bought herself some nice new dresses and lots of jewelery. They didn’t buy me anything.

“What happens when all the money runs out,” I asked them.

“Don’t worry,” replied my mom. “We’ll still have you.”

I guess that means they love me. Doesn’t it?

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