Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


5. Maisy

Joe p.o.v.

I left him there again in the cold. He kissed me and I kissed back, what the bloody hell is wrong with me? I shut everyone out two years ago. I can't let Harry in. I looked back and he started going to his fucking Ferrari Enzo! God damn. Snap out of it Joe, its just a car! I went back to my Smart Car. I sighed.

"Hey cousin, sorry I couldn't make it. Oh hey whats wrong?" Maisy asked me. I walked past her just to be pulled back. I tried to pull away but she is a lot stronger than me. "Ok whats up?" I looked at her trying to make her let me leave. But fuck it, she doesn't move. "Harry." That was all that excaped my mouth. Her eyes got big. "And what about beloved Harry?" She said with an evil smile. "He was there." Her expression changed. I didn't know what was going on but I didn't like it. "I think he wanted to see me, why didn't you call?" She shouted a bit. Yet loud enough to make me take a step back. "No, he didn't. He came for the funeral." She scoffed at my response. "I don't think so missy." She took a step closer. "He never even mentioned you till I brought your name up." "And how did he react? I bet he softened up don'tcha think?" I stepped back, my back against the wall now. "Hate, why would you do that to him and me?" I said, the last part barely audible.

"What do you mean? I just made myself happy." "By spliting us up!" I pushed her away. Her blonde (died) curls framed her face, green eyes filled with frustration. "You broke up with him, not me. You belived me." She said calmly back. "But you told me he didn't love me, that he loved you!" I was about to kill her. "I wanted Harry to myself. I mean I'm better looking than you." It was true. My brown semi-curly hair was awful looking. And with green eyes? Its a complete nightmare, yet people still want to date me. How the Hell would someone date me? I then tought of Harry. He always said I was beautiful, every day even if I hadn't seen him. Harry always did something romantic for our dates. It wasn't just a movie or picnic, he would take me to the aquarium and the theater. He doesn't like fireworks much but he sucked it up and would take me. Now I just felt bad. I left him twice. 

I can't trust Maisy. So here goes Joe being Joe. I offically shut everyone out. 

I sat in my room listening to Bon Jovi. "Joe someone is here to see you." My aunt Leaynne Came into my room. "I don't want to see anyone." I said not turning around to make eye contact. "I'll send them in." Did she hear me? I don't think she did. "Hey." A deep, husky voice said from behind me. I didn't want to turn around. My body was starting to but I forced it to stay. "You can't shut people out Joe. Talk to me." I didn't say anything, just sat there doodling the lyrics to the song. "Maisy is a liar, I don't love her, I never did and never will." I found that out but I wasn't going to open up to him. "Joe answer me." He layed down on my bed wraping his arms around my shoulders. I tried to get out but it was no use, I'm not strong. "I know, Maisy told me."  What the fuck just came out of my mouth? I never ment to say that, or anything for that matter. 

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