Breaking down Walls

Harry's beloved Joe left him because he broke their trust. He regrets everything he did. For two years on the night she left his heart shatters. When the boys help him find her, Harry has to break down her walls to save her.


17. chpt. 17

~note~ I know I normally switch the p.o.v. per chpt. But I wanted to do this. Carry on now....


Harry p.o.v.

"We are having a slight delay because of a snowstorm. We will be landing at the nearest airport in ten minutes." I woke up from that. Great, just great. I checked my phone. It was 5 in the morning. God where the hell are we landing? The plane was supposed to land in my hometown at 9.

We landed and I sat down in one of the chairs waiting to get back on the plane. I keep feeling that I'm being watched.

I sat there talking to Liam back in the bus. "No Li the snowstorm had the flight delayed.....I have no clue how long I'm gonna be stuck......I will call when I get back on alright? .......K bye." I swear that boy can talk. "Flight 303 to Holmes Chapel, England will take off at noon today." The lady on the speaker said. I closed my eyes tightly and sighed. At this rate I'm about to take a cab.

"Don't worry I'm in the same boat." I opened my eyes and that girl from earlier was sitting in front of me. "What do you mean?" "I'm going home to see my mum and dad. I haven't seen them in about 3 months. I'm pissed off that I will get there late." "Yeah it sucks...I fucked everything up with the girl I love and she left. I'm going to get her back." She gave me a light smile.

I felt tears form in my eyes. "Shh don't cry." She got up and sat down next to me, putting her arm around my shoulders. "You will go there and she better take you back. You're an amazing person Harry." I let the tears fall. For a fan I thought she would be upset about this but no. She's helping me with this. "Hey I never got your name." "Jamie." "Pretty name." she smiled.

"Come on lets get you cleaned up." She took my hand and took me to the bathroom. I didn't even fight. Jamie opened the bathroom door and turned on the sink. She wiped my face free of tears. She was pretty I'll tell you that. She had light brown hair, curled at the tips. ocean blue eyes like Niall's. And and amazing smile like Louis'.

I leaned in and my lips met hers. They were soft and strawberry flavored. She pulled away. "You have a girlfriend. This isn't right." I nodded and we left the bathroom. "Do you think I can at least get your number?" "Sure." I handed her my phone and got it back a few moments later. I sat back down in the chair and fell back asleep. I know who I'm calling when things go wrong.

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